Steve Jablonsky- Opening Title



1. Night Ranger- Sister Christian
2. Bumblebeez- Freak Ya Loneliness
3. Classic- Get 'Em Up
4. Living Things- Post Millennium Extinction Blues
5. Locksley- She Does
6. Stars- My Favourite Book
7. The Hives- Tick Tick Boom
8. Three A.M.- Doin' Things
9. Lyrics Born- I Like It, I Love It
10. The Kills- Night Train
11. Jimmy Gresham- No Way To Stop It
12. Santogold- Shove It
13. Steve Jablonsky- Opening Title

The Switches- Drama Queen

Score Composed & Performed By- Steve Jablonsky

"Sister Christian"
Written By Kelly Keagy
Performed By Night Ranger
Produced By Pat Glasser
From The Album "Midnight Madness"
Courtesy Of Geffen Records
Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"Freak Ya Loneliness"
Written By Christopher Colonna
Performed By Bumblebeez
Produced By Invisibl & James Ford
From The Import Album "Prince Umberto & The Sister Of Ill"
Courtesy Of Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises

"Get 'Em Up"
Written By Ali Theodore, Julian Michael Davis
& Zach Danziger
Performed By Classic
Courtesy Of Deetown Entertainment

"Post Millennium Extinction Blues"
Written By Lillian Berlin
Performed By Living Things
From The Album "Habeas Corpus"
Courtesy Of Jive Records
By Arrangement With Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

"She Does"
Written By Samuel Bair, Kai Kennedy
& Jesse Laz
Performed By Locksley
Produced By Guy Benny & John Siket
From The Album "Locksley"
Courtesy Of Guy Benny At Atlas Management
& Luke Eddins At Luke Hits

"My Favourite Book"
Written By Amy Millan, Evan Cranley,
Torquil Campbell & Patrick McGee
& Chris Seligman
Performed By Stars
From The Album "In Our Bedroom After The War"
Courtesy Of Arts & Crafts International

"Tick Tick Boom"
Written By Randy Fitzsimmons
Performed By The Hives
Produced By Jacknife Lee
From The Album "The Black And White Album"
Courtesy Of Polydor Records Ltd. (U.K.)
& Interscope Records
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises

"Doin' Things"
Written By Carol Cantrell, Gloria White
& Louis Bell
Performed By Three A.M.
Courtesy Of Musicball Entertainment

"I Like It, I Love It"
Written By Theodore Dudley, Uriah Duffy,
Gregory Allen Greene, Albert Hudson,
Glenda Joyce Hudson, Jonathan Meadows,
Terry Wayne Morgan, Dave Roberson, Jr.,
B'Nai Rebelfront & Tom William Shimura
Performed By Lyrics Born
Produced By Lyrics Born
From The Album "Everywhere At Once"
Courtesy Of Anti/Epitaph

"Night Train"
Written By Jamie Hince & Alison Mosshart
Performed By The Kills
Produced By The Kills & XXXChange
From The UK Release "Midnight Boom"
Courtesy Of Domino Recording Company Ltd.

"No Way To Stop It"
Written By W. Smith
Performed By Jimmy Gresham
From The Album "Soul Resurrection: The Playground Series, Vol. 1"
Courtesy Of Rabbit Factory Inc.
By Arrangement With Ocean Park Amusement Group

"Shove It"
Written By Santi White, Naeem Juwan,
John Hill & David Shayman
Performed By Santogold Feat. Spank Rock
Produced By Santi White, John Hill,
David Taylor & David Shayman
From The Album "Santogold"
Courtesy Of Atlantic Records

"Drama Queen"
Written By Matt Bishop & Olli Thomas
Performed By The Switches
Produced By Rob Schnapf & Doug Boehm
From The Album "Lay Down The Law"
Courtesy Of Interscope/Atlantic Records

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