1. The patches on the shoulders of the Crystal Lake police uniforms state that Crystal Lake is in Cunningham County. This is an homage to Sean S. Cunningham, who returned to produce this movie after directing the original.

2. In addition to his roles as Jason and the Security Guard, Kane Hodder also played Freddy Krueger's arm in the final scene.

3. The dagger and Necronomicon are the same props used in 'Evil Dead II' (1987).

4. John D. LeMay, who played Steven Freeman, also starred in the 'Friday The 13th' TV series from 1987-1990.

5. Agent Abernathy was named after Lewis Abernathy, who helped Sean S. Cunningham make the underwater thriller 'Deep Star Six' (1989).

6. FBI Agent Elizabeth Marcus is named after Adam Marcus, the director.

7. This film originally had a flashback sequence and Betsy Palmer was offered to reprise her role as Mrs. Voorhees, but rejected.

8. Jason's heart was used in 'From Dusk Till Dawn' (1996) as Monkey Man's heart.

9. The jungle gym in front of the Voorhees house was also used in 'The Birds' (1963).

10. The crate in the basement of the Voorhees house was a prop from the story 'The Crate' in the anthology 'Creepshow' (1982).

11. This was the first film in the series to be handled by New Line Cinema after the franchise was moved from Paramount following 'Jason Takes Manhattan'.

12. One early concept for this movie was 'Jason Goes To L.A.', in which two rival gangs would be fighting; then Jason would show up and start murdering them and it would force the rival gangs to band together to defeat Jason.

13. Jonathan Penner, who played Vicki's boyfriend David in scenes cut from the final theatrical print of Part 9, appeared on CBS's reality shows 'Survivor: Cook Islands' and 'Survivor: Micronesia- Fans vs. Favorites'. He didn't win, but was consider a strong player on each series.

14. A high-tech video game for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo platforms was created, but never released to the public. Anyone know of any bootleg copies?.

15. There was also a line of toy figurines created for the film, but they were never officially released to the public and consequently never seen. The line featured the main characters, as well as all of those who were possessed by Jason, in both pre- and post-possession state. Recently, a figure of Jason has emerged from this film from NECA Toys, but so far that's the only one to surface.

16. There was a comic book created that bridged the gap between Part 8 and this film. It followed Jason after he was dipped in toxic waste in a New York City sewer, and his killing spree all the way back to Camp Crystal Lake. It also explains why the FBI has a task force created specifically for Jason.

17. The original title of the movie was 'Friday The 13th Part IX: The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees'.

18. One early concept for this movie was "Jason Goes To L.A.", in which two rival gangs would be fighting and Jason would show up and start murdering them. This would force the rival gangs to band together to defeat Jason.

19. According to actress Rusty Schwimmer (Joey B), most of the dialogue between her character and Shelby (Leslie Jordan) was improvised on set. "They just rolled the cameras and let us go," she said.

20. Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was originally considered to direct the film.

21. John McTiernan was offered the chance to direct the film as well, but turned it down to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger on 'Last Action Hero' (1993) instead.

22. The character of Creighton Duke is named after two colleges. The first is 'Creighton', located in Nebraska, and 'Duke' in North Carolina.

23. Jason's heart was actually made of gelatin and filled with fruit cocktail from the crafts services table mixed with black dye. Actor Richard Gant was still disgusted and reportedly nearly threw up during the take.

24. There is a substantial amount of male nudity in this film as with female nudity, probably most notably in the "homoerotic shaving scene" as many fans have come to call it. The reason for this is that director Adam Marcus viewed the previous 'Friday The 13th' films as somewhat sexist, showing primarily female nudity, and thought it was more acceptable to show male and female nudity in equal amounts.

25. Jason's look in this film was based on his 'Elephant Man' look from the original in 1980.

26. The concept of the film, with Jason jumping bodies, was based on the sci-fi movie 'The Hidden' (1987), in which aliens did the same thing.

27. All of Jason's grunts and groans were done by director Adam Marcus.

28. The set used as the morgue was the same set used in production of the TV series 'ALF' (1987). In fact, producers had to cover up a mural of ALF on the wall of the morgue set, which was actually a lunch room.

29. An alternate concept of the sunset scene never shot by director Adam Marcus showed his character of Officer Bish running past Steven and Jessica as they head off into the sunset, signifying they were not the only ones to survive the massacre. This self-fulfilling idea was quickly scrapped.

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