1. Part 5 was originally written to have Corey Feldman as the star, but he was already working on 'The Goonies', so the script was rewritten to have Feldman's appearance limited to a cameo.

2. The scene in which Pam attacks Jason with the chainsaw was shot on Halloween night in 1984.

3. "Victor Faden" can be seen written on the outhouse wall behind Demon. This is the name of the mental patient that hacked Joey to death and was taken away by the police. Many believe that this was put there to insinuate that maybe Victor had escaped and was committing more murders.

4. Actor Dick Wieand is credited for playing Jason, but it was actually stuntman Tom Morga who did the scenes of Jason in the mask.

5. The movie that Jake and Robin watch on the bed is 'A Place in the Sun' (1951).

6. There is a small black and white photo of John Lennon hanging up behind Dr. Matt Leonard's head in the first scene of them together in his office.

7. Tommy's opening dream was different in the original script, and arguably made him seem more of a suspect later on. It opens as more of a continuation from the ending of the previous film, as a young Tommy is taken to the Wessex County Medical Center, along with Jason's corpse. Then, in a sudden fit of psychotic rage, young Tommy winds up (almost) killing half the hospital staff trying to get to the morgue and find Jason's bloodied body. Once he'd finally found the body, Jason suddenly rises from the autopsy table. Immediately after this, the adult Tommy wakes up in the van on the way to Pinehurst.

8. Many believe that Jake's death scene was not included in the final film because of the MPAA; However, it was really cut from the film because the latex head looked too fake.

9. Junior's death scene was originally supposed to be included in the film, but it was cut for being too graphic.

10. The opening dream scene was not in the script so director Danny Steinmann wrote and shot it to connect it to Part 4.

11. Dick Wieand who was credited as playing Jason and Roy later decided that he didn't like being part of the series and usually will not participate in anything related to the series. However, it has been brought to my attention that he is currently selling signed photos of Tom Morga and claiming that it is him in the photo.

12. The original VHS cover art was Tommy standing against the hockey mask. But it was replaced for an image of a hockey mask that looks nothing like the one which was used.

13. Not counting laughing or yelling, the character of Tommy Jarvis only speaks 24 words in the entire film.

14. The film was sent to the MPAA nine times for editing before it finally achieved its R-rating.

15. The fake title of this film was 'Repetition', continuing the tradition of naming 'Friday The 13th' films after David Bowie songs to throw people off.

16. There were three different hockey masks used in the film. The first is the one that the Jason imposter (Roy) wears. It has a two blue stripes on either side of the mouth. The second is the one the actual Jason wears when Tommy sees him in the hospital room at the end. This has the one red triangle above the eyes. The third is the one featured on the poster. It's an entirely different hockey mask that was never used in the film.

17. John Shepherd researched his role of Tommy by working in a state mental hospital.

18. The opening scenes featuring Corey Feldman were filmed in his backyard.

19. Mark Venturini, who played Victor Faden in the film, originally auditioned for the role of Tommy.

20. John Shepherd wore cowboy boots on set in order to look taller.

21. The character of Violet (Tiffany Helm) was originally supposed to be killed while doing gymnastics.

22. It was originally intended to continue the series with Tommy Jarvis as the killer. Director Danny Steinmann stated that he was instructed to do two things with 'A New Beginning'. One, to deliver a shock, scare, or kill every seven or eight minutes, and two, to turn Tommy into Jason. The ending with Tommy about to kill Pam was not meant to be interpreted as a dream, rather set Tommy up as the killer in future sequels.

23. If the original plan continued, John Shepherd and Melanie Kinnaman would have returned for Part 6, with Tommy as the killer. But thanks to the fans, those plans were scrapped and Jason was resurrected.

24. According to the producers, the plan for the film was to mirror the atmosphere of the original, in that the killer wasn't revealed until the very end.

25. During the scene where Tommy sees Jason standing in the front yard of the house, stuntman Dick Warlock mooned fellow stuntman Tom Morga, who was playing Jason in that scene. Morga says the entire time they show him in that scene, he is laughing behind the mask because of it.

26. Actor Corey Parker (Pete) claims that he got a lot of flack for portraying one of the first 'gay' characters in horror. Never thought of Vinny and Pete that way before...hmmm.

27. The scene with Billy (Bob de Simone) and Lana (Rebecca Wood-Sharkey) was originally written for Part 4, but was cut early on. The producers remembered it and added it back for Part 5.

28. Lana (Rebecca Wood-Sharkey), says that her famous line, 'It's Showtime!" is an homage to the show 'All That Jazz', of which she is a big fan.

29. Both Darcy Demoss and Gina Gershon were originally cast in the role of Tina, but because director Danny Steinmann thought they had "small boobs", the role instead went to Debisue Voorhees. Demoss was later cast in the role of Nikki in Part 6.

30. Eddie (John Robert Dixon) and Darcy Demoss were dating at the time of production, and both were looking forward to working together, but it never materialized.

31. Stuntman Tom Morga, who portrayed the killer for several scenes, says his favorite stunt was getting hit by the tractor by Reggie, which they nailed in one take.

32. A fake head of Roy (Dick Wieand) used at the end of the production became affectionately known as the "dick head".

33. The last three pages of the script, featuring Tommy flipping out, were actually written by actor John Shepherd, who played the role.

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