1. Ted White, who plays Jason, refused to talk to the other actors on the set, because he thought it would diminish their fear of Jason.

2. White once called the film "a piece of sh*t", and only did it for the money. In addition, he revealed that he had insisted his name be excluded from the film's credits because he felt uneasy about having played the role. He has since embraced the role, and accepted his place in the legacy of the character.

3. It has been said that the only reason Tom Savini worked as makeup artist on this film was so he could kill the character he created (Jason Voorhees).

4. In one scene, Rob talks to Trish about his sister Sandra. Sandra was, of course, one of Jason's victims in Part 2.

5. When they shot the scene where Samantha (Judie Aronson) is in a raft on the lake, it was in the dead of winter. It got so cold, that Judie developed frost bite, and Jason actor Ted White got fed up and told director Joseph Zito that he would quit if they didn't let her come out and warm up. They did.

6. White also insisted that actor Peter Barton (Doug) get to use a crash pad for the scene where he thrown against the wall.

7. The original script was supposed to have Tommy Jarvis split Jason's head open with the machete, but Tom Savini wasn't overjoyed by that ending. Tom got the idea of having the machete slice into Jason's head, then fall to the floor and have the machete slide in some more.

8. The day that Corey Feldman had to film the ending sequence, he had a fever of 102 degrees, and I'm sure the bald cap he was to wear during the scene didn't help much.

9. Originally, Oscar winner Greg Cannom was hired for the job of special effects make-up, but due to miscommunication, he left the project, and Tom Savini returned for the job.

10. The role of Trish is played by Kimberly Beck who made her feature film debut in 'Massacre at Central High' (1976), where she actually gets nude.

11. 'USA Today' had run an article in 1984 that announced the upcoming 'Friday The 13th Part 5' even before Part 4 was finished. However, it misinformed people and stated that Betsy Palmer was returning as Mrs. Voorhees.

12. The original cover art for the film showed Jason's mask in a pool of blood with a knife through the eye. However, due to complaints, the knife was removed from the box art.

13. This film picks up after the events of Part 3, meaning it starts on Sunday the 15th, the second 'Friday' film to not actually take place on a Friday at all. While the beginning takes place during the night of Sunday the 15th, the rest of the movie takes place on Monday the 16th, with Tuesday the 17th being the climactic night.

14. During filming, actress Kimberly Beck experienced strange occurrences of a man watching her while she ran in the park, accompanied by strange phone calls at all hours. This stopped once the production was over.

15. The house used for the Jarvis' home is later seen as the Anderson home in the film 'In The Light Of The Moon' (2000) where serial killer Ed Gein is apprehended.

16. The strange dance Jimbo does at the party was contributed by actor Crispin Glover, and was based on the eccentric way he actually danced at clubs. On the set, he was dancing to "Back in Black" by AC/DC, as the scene was filmed. In the film, an edited version of "Love is a Lie" by Lion was dubbed into the scene instead for budgetary reasons.

17. After Ted White finished his scenes as Jason, he moved right on to his next film, 'Starman' (1984), directed by John Carpenter. While on set for the night's filming, a bunch of reporters were waiting to interview Jeff Bridges but he was unavailable, so Carpenter told the reporters to talk to Ted White instead and ask him about the new film he'd just finished. After telling the reporters that he had just finished playing Jason, the next day's article was all about him, and the following night, numerous fans showed up to the set to see the actor who played Jason.

18. Actress Kimberly Beck once stated that this film was not even a B-movie. She characterized it as a "C-movie".

19. Actor Lawrence Monoson actually tried to smoke pot in order to get into character for Ted's death scene, which takes place while he is high on pot. However, Lawrence found it too difficult to concentrate on his lines while high, so this plan was scrapped.

20. Ted White insists Corey Feldman acted like a brat on set; Feldman, meanwhile, insists his poor attitude was because of the poor attitude of director Joseph Zito. Nonetheless, during the scene where Tommy kills Jason, Corey said he pretended it was Zito. The producers feel that Ted, who had never worked with children before, simply did not know how to handle someone that young.

21. Producer Frank Mancuso, back for another 'final' 'Friday The 13th', wanted to bring an "effective close" to the series.

22. The scene where Jimmy (Crispin Glover) and Ted (Lawrence Monoson) were in the back of the car, all of the lines were improvised by the two actors on the spot.

23. Since Halloween fell during production, Kimberly Beck (Trish) took Corey Feldman (Tommy) trick-or-treating. Once there, they saw how many people were dressed as Jason, and only then did it hit them both just how big the franchise had become. Kimberly also sort of became Corey's pseudo-sister on set, looking out for him, hoping to develop some sibling camaraderie.

24. Throughout the production of the film, Kimberly Beck (Trish) insists she was being stalked while she would go jogging through Cold Water Park near the set.

25. During the scene where Tommy hacks Jason to death, he is actually hitting a blanket wrapped around an apple box.

26. In order to achieve Paramount's desired release date, the crew went into post-production into a house at Broad Beach, California, where each room featured a state of the art editing suite.

27. The name of Tommy was an homage to Tom Savini, the effects wizard partly responsible for the success of the films.

28. Most of the action was filmed in three locations in California: Topanga Canyon, Franklin Canyon near Beverly Hills, and Zaca Lake.

29. Actor Ted White (Jason) states that an early script featured a scene where Jason was driving. Um...Huh?

30. Corey Feldman (Tommy) was told by his mother that he was auditioning for the next 'Halloween' film. Imagine his surprise when he arrived for his audition and found it was for 'Friday The 13th' instead.

31. Actor Ted White (Jason) stated that one late night, during a break in production, he was walking up the road to use the restroom. Suddenly, a car of two African-Americans pulls up and asks him what's going on down there. In full makeup, Ted sticks his head through the driver's side window. He scared them so bad, they sped off down the road and didn't return.

32. Ted White (Jason) stated his favorite kill was Doug's nasal implant in the shower.

33. Corey Feldman (Tommy) stated that the scene where Jason crashes through the window and grabs him is the "scariest thing" he's ever filmed. During breaks between shots, he would literally shake and cry in terror, forcing some cast and crew to check on him and make sure he was okay to continue.

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