1. In the beginning, when Agent Marcus is cornered by Jason, she shoots him in the head before the rest of the FBI opens fire.


2. In the beginning, after Jason is blown up, there was originally more dialogue from Duke, where he says, "I don't think so, motherf*cker".


3. There was originally more to the scene where the coroner examines Jason's body. Before the examination, he goes to a cabinet and gets all of his cutting tools out and sets them out neatly on a tray next to the body.


4. The interview between Robert Campbell and Creighton Duke originally ran longer, but was cut due to time constraints.


5. Right after Joey B shows Ward how to make a Jason Burger, there is a bit of an extension to the scene that shows Diana delivering Steven's meal to him at the bar, then takes burgers over to Sheriff Landis, Officer Josh, and Officer Randy in one of the booths. Along the way, Steven asks about Jessica, but she blows him off. After serving their food, she sits on Landis' lap and he turns to Josh and tells him to "stop moving in on my woman or I'm gonna have to take you out back and shoot you". At that point, Randy suggest they get married, and quickly retreats from the booth when he realizes he touched on a sore subject. Vicki and Diana cross behind the bar, and Vicki tells her she "got table four" and they exchange a high-five. After that, Diana then goes over and waits on Creighton Duke and it plays out the same as it did theatrically.


6. There was a scene cut that featured Steven at the diner with Randy and Vicki. They talk about how Vicki has never made a prank phone call. Steven says that "a famous man once said there is no worse regret than a temptation resisted". Randy agrees, and tells Vicki that Steven used to order strippers to church bingo. Steven then asks Ward if he's ever made a prank phone call, and Ward replies that he called an adoption agency when he was 9 trying to trade in his mother for a box of lincoln logs. Joey B throws something at him from nearby, and she argues briefly with Shelby. At that point, Steven hops up to the bar and makes a prank call to Anthony's Pizzeria. He offers Vicki, who he says is a waitress at Joey B's and needs a little extra cash, much to her dismay. He then argues with the guy on the other end over a price, and he says he will do it for a pizza. After more bickering, he says he will shoot him in the head. And after being asked his name, he tells them he is "Officer Randy Parker you stupid pizza cookin' jerk". Randy then gets wide-eyed and tries to take the phone off of Steven while he is telling the guy on the other end that he's gonna shoot his mother, then probably his dog too. When Randy finally gets the phone away from him, he realizes there's no one there and that it was all just a joke.


7. There was a brief scene cut showing Steven in holding. Randy comes in and apologizes, saying "sorry, I gotta take you to a cell". Steven, not believing him, gets up from the table and says, "are you crazy?" Randy then insists and says the "sheriff has gone berserk" before taking him away.


8. The scene where Jessica arrives at the police station with Robert and the baby originally ran longer. Jessica hugs Sheriff Landis and introduces Robert. Landis tells Robert point blank that, "I hope you're not down here on business. I wouldn't take kindly to seeing Diana's face on any one of your programs". Robert smoothly replies, "Absolutely not...I'm just here for Jess".


9. While Jessica and Robert are at the station, Vicki offers to babysit until they get things sorted out with Diana's death. Jessica hesitates at first, then gives her the baby. She tells her everything she needs is in her bag, and they agree to pick up Stephanie around 8 o'clock at the diner.


10. In an extended sequence, Vicki's boyfriend David (who was totally cut out of the theatrical release), comes home and finds Vicki in the bathroom with baby Stephanie. He scares her, and Vicki teases him and says that the baby is theirs. They talk about her taking the baby to work and if Joey B knows, but Vicki only says she will in "about 15 minutes". Then, as David begins to wash up, Vicki tells him that, "if you scrub under your nails and wash behind your ears, maybe later I'll show you where babies come from". Smiling, David replies, "that's me in the shower with the nail brush and soap".


11. In the scene where Vicki arrives at Joey B's diner with the baby, there was a brief prelude to the scene, where Vicki shows up and finds a wreath on the door, accompanied by a note that reads, "Due to the death of our beloved Diana Kimble, we are closed until 12 noon sharp! Please come back! Joey B." She then enters the diner and the rest of the scene plays out how it did theatrically.


12. There was more dialogue in Robert Campbell's telephone interview with his producer at the Voorhees house. He basically bashes the entire Voorhees family tree, from Pamela on down.


13. There was a scene cut in which Sheriff Landis books Duke at the station and throws him in jail after their encounter at the diner.


14. The scene where Jessica is alone in her mother's house originally ran longer. Inititally, after she is in the shower and Robert cuts the power, she trips coming down the stairs and breaks something made of glass. Then she steps in the broken glass and cuts her foot. She picks a couple of pieces of glass out of her foot, then slowly makes her way to the living room. From there, a dog barks and scares her, she lingers in the living room a bit, then finally makes her way to the garage, where the rest of the scene plays out how it did theatrically.


15. There was a brief extension of the fight scene between Steven and Randy when he arrives to arrest him. The fight plays out normally, but when they point their guns at each other, Randy recognizes his gun and says, "hey! that's my gun!" Steven replies, "so?" and Randy informs him that he can't pull his own gun on him because it is "inappropriate". Steven then says, "f*ck appropriate...I'm not going to jail". They bicker back and forth about whether or not Steven is going to jail, then Randy informs him he "totally wrecked" Jessica. At that point, the scene finishes up the way it did theatrically.


16. The scene with Steven and Jason fighting outside originally ran longer. After Jason throws Steven into the jungle gym, he climbs in after him.


17. There was a scene cut that featured Creighton Duke fighting with the hellbaby before it fell in the cellar.


18. There was additional dialogue that was cut where Steven asks Duke if Jason can be re-born through a dead Voorhees family member.


19. There was originally a more elaborate ending to the film. While Jason is being taken to hell by the demons, even more demons emerge to make it a more dramatic exit, including a giant creature that ultimately takes Jason down to hell.

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