1. Director Rob Hedden states that in the original script, there were scenes planned at other New York landmarks, such as Madison Square Garden, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building, but those were scrapped due to budget cuts.


2. Right before Jim and Suzi make love, he asks her how she feels. She replies, "ask me in five minutes". Jim responds by affirming, "we are totally free to do whatever we want". Suzi then states it feels "excellent".


3. After Jim tells Suzi to "forget about it, they're just stories", there was a bit more dialogue between the two that was cut. Suzi says that they are the last graduating class and that since Lakeview High is closing for good, there's no reason for him to come back, because there won't be "any of us here". Jim replies, "Jason isn't real, so none of it matters anyway".


4. There was a scene at the beginning cut where Sean hears that Rennie will not be on board and is disappointed.


5. There was more dialogue between Rennie and Miss Van Deusen while they are in her car. Rennie comments that Toby is nervous, then Colleen informs her she is giving up teaching since the school is closing. She adds that she wants to write "the great American novel" about a "senior class cruise to Manhattan, laced with romance, adventure and murder". Rennie is excited about it, and Colleen relents, also saying she may write "a low cholesterol cookbook instead". After that, she gives her Stephen King's pen, and the scene plays out the same.


6. As Rennie finally decides to board, Miss Van Deusen and Charles talk about what's best for her. Charles says Rennie never had a stable life before she came to live with him...and Colleen adds, "she certainly doesn't have one now either". Charles, offended, states, "that's a helluva thing to say". Colleen affirms that all Rennie needs is a chance to "live a little". After that, the scene plays out the same, with Charles saying he's her legal guardian and that he "knows what's best for her".


7. As the captain and admiral prepare to depart, Sean and Miles visit them in the bridge. Miles says he loves the ship, and the admiral informs him there's "plenty of work left to be done". Miles responds with how "generous" it is that he "gave them the cruise", to which the admiral replies, "your senior class is a small one, we only need a skeleton crew and it's a pleasure to sail anyway". The admiral congratulates Miles on winning the intramural diving championship, and offers to stop the ship once they are at sea to let him take a dive or two off the highboard. At that point, the scene plays out the same, with Sean reluctantly being asked to decide on the departure protocol.


8. There were several scenes cut that featured Miles, who was shown as an Olympic diver.


9. The scene where Charles finds Tamara and Eva in the linen room was originally extended a bit. At first, Eva is shown snorting drugs, and Tamara says, "Is that unbelievable or what? Ready to party and then some". Charles then finds them and the scene plays out the same. It was cut because the producers opted not to show them directly snorting the drugs.


10. This scene, featuring the alternate death of the boxer, shows a drunken deck hand falling down a flight of stairs after believing he is being pursued by Jason. He then stumbles down another flight of stairs, and is met by the boxer, who emerges with darts in his eyes and falls at his feet.


11. The scene where Sean rescues Rennie from the water had extended dialogue between Rennie and Miss Van Deusen. Colleen asks her if she ever took swimming lessons, and Rennie says it's not that simple. After that, Colleen affirms, "you're not telling me everything are you?" Rennie agrees, saying, "every time I get near the water, I see this young boy drowning...and he tries to pull me down with him". She then goes on to say that it started eight years ago at Crystal Lake, where she "used to spend summers with Uncle Charles in between boarding school". She tells Colleen that she's never been able to figure it out. Colleen then informs her that "only one young boy ever drowned in the lake and that was long before you were ever born...his name was Jason Voorhees". At that point, Charles shows up and says, "good God!" and the rest of the scene plays out how it did theatrically.


12. After Tamara's death, there was originally a scene with Sean visiting Rennie in her cabin asking if she is okay. Rennie tells him she wants off the ship, and Sean agrees. He then informs her that they "have to go talk to my Dad" and they leave the cabin and head to the bridge. Jason then kills the captain and admiral before they get there.


13. There was a scene cut where Colleen goes to Rennie's cabin looking for her. However, Charles is there, and he wants to know what is happening to the ship. At that point, Sean's radio transmission takes place, and Wayne is shown asking Miles if he saw JJ. Sean's transmission advises everyone to "come to the bridge", and "walk with a friend if you can". He says he wishes it was a joke, but it's not. He then tells Rennie off the radio that they've gone off course or something, and they have a brief argument about it. He then advises to lower the anchor, and Rennie leaves to do so, despite his protests. Sean then tries to call the Coast Guard, when Jason cuts the radio.


14. A scene was cut featuring Eva meeting with the group on the bridge after the admiral's death and then leaving to find Tamara.


15. With Rennie climbing down the ladder as the group tries to escape, she was originally hesitant to get in due to her fear of the water. She says she can't, but everyone else attempts to persuade her. Charles says, "yes you can and you will!". Miss Van Deusen adds, "it's the only way, you gotta get in the it for me!" Finally, it is Sean who has the final word, saying "you can do it!" Rennie then gets in the boat.


16. There was a shot of Rennie touching Jason after he is electrocuted on the railroad tracks that was cut for pacing reasons.


17. The original ending saw Jason throwing up water, with a young Jason shown inside his mouth shouting "Help! Help!" trying to escape. Jason then drowns and morphs back into his young form. It was cut for being deemed too ridiculous (rightfully so!).


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