1. The opening scene was trimmed a bit. Originally, the two paramedics talk about work and the male medic tells the female, "when you work in an emergency room...everything's a damn emergency".


2. There was a scene cut where Trish was exercising in her room, and her mother comes in and asks her about going into town to pick up a car part. Trish tells her she's going to the party next door, and that she will do it tomorrow. Mrs. Jarvis insists, so Trish agrees to go. At that point, Mrs. Jarvis tells her that she's going running before it storms, and to take Tommy with her and make sure he gets a hair cut.


3. There was a small scene cut during the time in which the Jarvis' car breaks down. In the theatrical version, right after Trish tells Tommy to hurry up it cuts. However, the scene originally continued, with Tommy running up to Trish in a scary mask and scaring the hell out of her. Tommy then says that he made the mask the first week that he got there, and Trish says she won't forget it now.


4. There was a scene cut in which Tommy shows Rob a fake guillotine he made. Tommy puts a stick in the guillotine and cuts it in two. Then, Tommy puts a fake arm in and cuts it off. Rob thinks it's real and starts screaming loud, causing Tommy to laugh. Trish then comes in and asks Rob if he wants to stay for dinner. Rob declines, and Tommy asks him what's in his bag. Rob replies, "my stuff".

DOUG & SARA (1:53)

5. There was a scene cut in which Doug and Sara are in their bedroom talking about the party. They compliment each other on their nice legs, and Doug asks her if she has a boyfriend. She skirts around the question, then they talk about getting drunk, smoking, and eating all the junk food they could eat until they die. They both say they aren't ready for that. Doug offers to hide out in the room with her awhile, but she says their friends will miss them. It was cut for time constraints.


6. Another small scene cut was a porch scene between Doug and Sara. In the background, you can hear the soft music playing that Paul and Tina dance to. Doug asks Sara if she wants to dance. She says she likes to dance, but she's also "liking it out here".


7. Another scene cut from the film features Rob checking on his motion detection equipment on the trail around the camp. As Rob checks it, he says "way to go, Roberto", and then looks up as thunder and lightning threaten the night sky. It was cut for being too excessive, and didn't really lead anywhere later in the film.


8. There was originally an extended ending to the film. In it, the sun rises, and Trish wakes up with Tommy in their living room, with Jason nowhere to be found. Trish then hears approaching sirens and calls out, as Tommy wakes up. At that point, Trish hears water dripping from upstairs, and goes up to find her mother dead in the bathtub. Just as she holds her mother in her arms, Jason stands over her and kills her with his machete. She then wakes up in the hospital, and the ending plays out how it did in the theatrical release. The extended ending was cut in favor of Mrs. Jarvis' offscreen kill because the corpse looked too fake lying in the tub.


9. Right after Tommy shows Rob his guillotine, there was an additional scene cut where he also shows him how to melt a toy soldier under a magnifying glass.


10. Tom Savini states that one of the original plans considered for killing Jason was rigging Tommy's toy soldier to explosives and exploding Jason's head. Tom said it was changed for Jason to die by his favorite weapon, the machete.


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