1. Although never filmed, there were several stills released featuring the cast, including Lawrence, Chewie and Bree, inside Trent's hot tub. For whatever reason, these weren't used.


2. The original way Jason gets his mask is as follows: Donnie has the mask, and actually wears it while he smokes some of his precious weed crop. While he's smoking, Jason comes down from the second floor carrying two containers of kerosene (hence why Donnie was complaining about someone stealing it). From there, Jason beheads him with his machete, and then pries the mask off of Donnie's head and iconically places the mask over his face.


3. An alternate take of Chelsea's death shows Jason standing on shore after Chelsea is hit by the boat. He then motions with his finger, daring her to come out of the water since he won't go in after her (lame!). Dazed and terrified, Chelsea drowns.


4. At the police station, Officer Lund gets Clay's 9-1-1 call and think it is a prank. After he hangs up, Officer Bracke chews him out and then decides to respond to the scene, even though Lund thinks Clay is "crying wolf". Lund then goes to make popcorn as Bracke leaves, but then Bracke taps on the window to check on him before taking off.


5. In a different cut of the ending, when Jason gets caught up in the chains and can't free himself from the wood chipper, he reaches out like he did after Chris hit him with the ax at the end of Part 3. Then, as he gets pulled in, his neck snaps instead of getting hung, and his mask pops off in the wood chipper. Whitney never sticks the machete in his chest, and this explains how they get his mask and drop it into the lake.

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