1. At the end of Part 8, Jason drowns in the toxic waste and turns into a boy again. But in Part 9, he is fully grown and with a mask on that was destroyed in the waste from Part 8 (which in turn was destroyed in Part 7)

EXPLANATION: The boy was another of Rennie's hallucinations. Jason washed out to sea, along with his slightly melted mask.

2. When FBI Agent Marcus gets to the house, you can see the sun is just setting, but then there is bright midday sun when she enters the cabin, and then total darkness when she goes into the shed.

3. When FBI Agent Marcus puts the light bulb into the socket, the dead one has been placed on the ladder. She then proceeds to fold up the ladder and lean it against the wall, leaving us with a disappearing light bulb.

4. When FBI Agent Marcus hears a noise, she slips something into her towel. The script says this was a gun, so why didn't she use it on Jason? Is that what caused the blood on the front of her towel when she fell?

EXPLANATION: It is barely noticeable, but when Jason attacks her, she has no time to draw her gun. As for the blood on her towel, maybe Jason's machete just grazed her as she fell off of the balcony.

5. When FBI Agent Marcus falls off of the balcony and lands on the coffee table, the legs are clearly knocked out to the side, but in the next shot, the table's legs are tucked under the tabletop.

6. When FBI Agent Marcus is running away from Jason, from one scene to the next she goes from wearing shoes, to having no shoes on, to wearing shoes again about five or six times. Also, her towel sure was securely attached to her as she sprinted through the forest.

7. At the ambush site, it is unclear as to where all the FBI Agents are shooting from, making it look like they are in a circle surrounding Jason. If they really were in a circle, then they would have been shooting at each other as well as Jason.

8. There were actually two bombs that were thrown at Jason. The first bomb missed Jason totally, and exploded behind him. The second bomb was the one that connected and blew Jason apart. Also, those bombs were sure dropped accurately, because no FBI Agents were injured.

9. When the coroner is inspecting Jason's body, he is wearing a watch on his left wrist, but while he is eating Jason's heart, the watch disappears but returns after he is possessed.

EXPLANATION: Maybe producers realized their mistake and corrected it in the possessed scene.

10. When the coroner sees Jason's heart beating, from shot to shot, he has a little blood, then a lot, then just a little again, but when he goes to actually eat the heart, there is a lot of black liquid on his face.

11. How would Jason know how to get from Youngstown, Ohio, where his remains were supposedly taken, all the way back to Crystal Lake?

12. When the two campers start to make love in the tent, Debbie tosses the condom aside. Later, the coroner steps on it as he approaches, but it is much further out into the woods than she originally threw it.

13. *EXCLUSIVE TO UNRATED VERSION* When the two campers are having sex in the tent and the coroner stabs her with the pole, if you look carefully, you can see that the fake body has already been sliced in half before the pole is lifted up through her.

14. When the coroner runs toward the car to slam Edna's head in the door, Josh doesn't seem to notice, even though he is facing in the direction of the coroner.

15. The mailbox sign at the Voorhees house reads "Vorhees." It should be Voorhees.

16. When did Jason learn how to shave?

17. The amount of shaving cream on Josh's face changes from shot to shot in the Voorhees house. Also, if you look closely, you will see that his moustache is already gone before the coroner actually shaves it.

18. Jessica's baby is very young and without hair in an early scene, but later, the baby is older with a full head of hair.

19. Before being impaled with the poker, Josh lifts his head to look into the mirror in the living room but the reflection of Jason stays still.

20. Jason is supposed to have only one good eye, but in Josh's reflection of Jason, you can see Kane Hodder's eye looking out of Jason's bad eye socket.

21. When Steven impales Josh with the fireplace poker, Josh starts to stumble very slowly toward the window, but in the next shot, he is moving with enough force to move across the room and shatter through a window.

22. After Josh kills Diana and Sheriff Landis finds Steven with the body, he hardly has any blood on his jeans. Later at the police station, Steven's pants are covered with blood.

23. The blood on Robert's face drips out the right side of his mouth as the Hellbaby is passed on to him, but when he stands up, it is on the left side.

24. After Jessica gets out the shower when the lights go out, she steps out of the shower and puts a t-shirt on. Her hair is completely dry. However, while she was in the shower her hair is completely wet. There was no way it would have dried that fast.

25. Also in that scene, the shirt Jessica wears has blood stains across the bottom. Where did that blood come from, and why would she put on a bloody shirt to begin with?

26. When Jessica is in the garage, she goes into the car and puts the parking lights on, to find if she has a gun in the car or not. Then when Robert attacks her, she doesn't have the gun, and suddenly Steven appears in the garage and attacks Robert. How come Jessica didn't hear Steven come in?

EXPLANANTION: Maybe Jessica heard both Steven and Robert, but only said Robert because she was expecting him over.

27. In the scene where Steven carries Jessica out of her mother's house after punching Robert, you can see the reflection of a cameraman in the passenger window of the car as the couple gets into it.

28. When Robert grabs Steven through the window, you can see Robert's reflection on the hood of the car, when in fact, it should have been Jason's reflection that was seen.

29. When Steven runs over Robert with the car, Robert's body is obviously a dummy when the car runs over it.

30. When Steven is fighting with Randy by the police car, you can clearly see in one shot that he has his gun in the back of his pants, but later he pulls the gun out of the front of his jeans.

31. When Steven is being led down the corridor in handcuffs and sees Jessica in trouble, he jumps and passes his arms under his legs, but if you look closely you can see that it is just string between his arms and he pulls his hands a lot wider apart than real handcuffs would actually go.

32. When Steven shoots Robert in the head at the police station, there is a delayed reaction by Robert. The shot is heard and then Robert's head jerks back, a few seconds too late.

33. When the two other cops came out of the bathroom to see what was going on, one of them was wiping his hands while the other was pulling up his zipper. My question is---What were they doing in there?

EXPLANATION: It was either one cop washing his hands and the other cut his leak short to see what was going on fill in the blank.

33. When Jessica leaves the restaurant to go to the Voorhees house, she has large stripes of blood on her neck. When she gets out of the truck, they are gone, but they later re-appear when she is talking to Creighton Duke.

34. When Jessica finds the note that Duke had left her, the note said "I have what you want. Meet me at the Voorhees house alone. Duke." But later, when Steven reads the note it says, "I have your baby. Meet me at the Voorhees house alone. Duke." (Sent in by David Stigberg).

35. In the first shot of the pole in Duke's leg, it is very bloody, but in the next shot when he is yelling to Jessica, there is a noticeable lack of blood.

36. When Jessica kills Sheriff Landis with the dagger, there is a noticeable lack of blood on the dagger when she pulls it out.

37. If Randy was possessed by Jason, why did he talk normally to Jessica? Also, why did Randy look fine when all the other host bodies became all nasty and zombie-looking?

38. After being "re-born" through Diana, it is rather odd that Jason comes out fully clothed and with his mask on.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the supernatural aspect of it allows that if Jason was to be fully re-born, it would be in the last state that he was in his first time on earth, which would explain why he reverted back to his old self.

39. When Steven attacks Jason and they fall out the window, their positions change. When Steven tackles Jason, he is tackling him head-on, but when they fall out the window, they fall out side-by-side.

40. When Jason is pulled into the ground, his mask is securely on his head, but then his mask is later shown lying on the ground at the end when Freddy Krueger steals it.

41. Where exactly did the "Voorhees Legend" come from? No one had ever heard of it before and don't you think that the townspeople of Crystal Lake in the early Parts would have known about it?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the townspeople DID know about it, but they just never told anyone. It seems like Crazy Ralph knew about it, but he wound up dead trying to prevent people from going to camp.

42. What is up with the Voorhees House? Where did it originate and why wasn't it used in earlier movies?

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