1. Since when were the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake positioned so close to the water?

2. Jason is a bald little child, yet in the narrative flashback, Jason's appearance as a child has changed drastically, making him normal.

EXPLANATION: That flashback was from Jim's imagination, and he would have had no idea Jason was deformed.

3. How could Jim have an exact replica of Jason's mask (destroyed in Part 7)-- right down to the ax cut from Part 3?

4. In Part 7, Jason's clothes were shredded and you could see his spine, kneecaps, etc., but now his clothes appear almost intact. Also, he's got a nice new pair of black gloves.

5. In the extreme close-up of Jason's hands grabbing onto the boat's railing, you can see Kane Hodder's very human-looking pinky finger sticking out of the glove.

6. How could the small boat in the beginning take Jason to the Lazarus if the anchor was thrown over? (Do you think that Jason would have had enough sense to pull the anchor up?)

7. Why would Jason stay on the small boat all that time and not return to the campground?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps he heard the radio broadcast on the ship with all the details of the senior class cruise.

8. Since when did Crystal Lake open out into the ocean?

9. Why was the departure horn pulled twice on the ship?

EXPLANATION: Captain Robertson was demonstrating it the first time for Sean, whom he wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a captain of a ship. The second horn was the real departure horn.

10. If they knew such a dangerous storm was forecast for that day, why was the ship even permitted to leave the dock?

11. When J.J. is below deck jamming, she is playing her guitar along with a tape in her stereo system, but right after she drops her guitar to run, the music stops playing too, without J.J. ever touching the stop button.

12. When Jason bashes J.J. in the head with her guitar, blood squirts on the camera before Jason actually hits her with the guitar.

13. Jason teleports up the ship's mast to throw off Miles, the deck hand. Sure, it's intentional, but it is really stupid.

14. While Rennie is looking for Toby, Jason follows her and emerges from the games room, with the door closing behind him. During this scene, if you look closely, you can see a crewman's reflection through the pictures in the room signaling Kane Hodder when to start walking out the door and into the hallway. As soon as he walks out, through the reflection on the pictures, you can actually see that the crewman is the one who actually closes the door.

15. When Rennie gets knocked off the boat by Tamara, it is obvious that the boat is not moving while Sean is rescuing her.

16. When Jason attacks the white boxer in the sauna, he rams the hot coal into his stomach right above his belly button. However, in the overhead shot, the coal is jammed into the middle of his chest.

17. When Jason kills the Captain Robertson, the film slows down.

18. When Captain Robertson gets his throat slashed, no blood gushes out, and if you watch closely, the machete barely makes contact with his neck.

EXPLANATION: The only thing I can figure is that it was a really sharp machete if it killed him by barely touching him.

19. When everyone finds Captain Robertson dead and Julius and Charles McCulloch start to argue, Julius tells him that "School is Out." Yet, at the beginning of the movie, when Jim and Suzy are dancing, the radio announcer says that, "They WILL be graduating on the 13th of this month," meaning they hadn't yet graduated and school was, in fact, still in.

20. When Tamara gets out of the shower, she is completely dry---hair and all.

21. Also, after Tamara gets out of the shower, Jason throws her into the glass mirror. If you look closely, you can see the stunt man or woman's hair is brown or black but is not blonde like Tamara's should have been. (Sent in by Blaine Gaiser)

22. When Jason strangles Eva to death, you can clearly see he is wearing a fake sleeve over his arm.

23. When Jason throws Wayne onto the electrical switchboard, Wayne's jeans light on fire before he actually hits the switchboard (check in slow motion). A small spark causes the combustion, and you can see that his pants were obviously soaked with some flammable liquid.

24. When Jason attacks Rennie through the porthole, Rennie stabs him in the left eye, but later when Jason takes off his mask, his left eye hasn't been touched, even though Jason had no left eye but a right eye in Part 7.

25. While everyone that is left is boarding the escape raft, Jason is standing up on the deck and a spinning sprinkler is obviously noticeable above him which is providing the "rain" for the scene.

26. When the survivors arrived in New York, they are all dry. How can that be, since it was storming so badly when they got in the lifeboat?

27. The survivors from the boat paddle from the ocean into New York harbor. To do that, they would have to have rowed under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge without knowing it. (Sent in by

28. In the same scene, when Julius makes the phone call, he inserts a coin. It doesn't matter if he called the operator or 911, you don't need to insert a coin to call either one. (Sent in by

29. When Jason punches off Julius' head, it detaches with a clean, straight line.

30. The wall that Sean emerges from after Rennie was drugged is obviously a set because you can see the wooden props holding the wall up behind him through the doorway through Rennie's blurry vision.

31. When everyone is in the police car, there is no barrier between the front and back seats, something that is there in an NYPD police cruiser.

32. When Jason charges the police officer, his hat falls off. But when they cut back to him and Jason, he is putting it back on. Surely Jason wouldn't have let him do that.

33. When the police car hits the wall and explodes, you can tell that there are just dummies in the back by the way they bob back and forth.

34. When they are in the police car, everyone is in the back seat. But when Rennie drives the car into the wall, Sean gets out of the front seat too, from a seated position.

35. Rennie says that she was attacked by Jason as a child when she was learning to swim in Crystal Lake. How is this possible, if the first movie supposedly took place long before Rennie would have been old enough to go swimming, and Jason came out of the lake after Part 1 anyways, so he wouldn't have been there when Rennie went swimming.

EXPLANATION: Rennie is another in the long line of psychic girls Jason has gone up against. She wasn't physically assaulted by Jason as a little girl in the lake, she was just mentally assaulted.

36. How did Jason know that Charles McCulloch would run into that particular building and come up to the second floor? And how did Jason get there that fast? (Again, it is intentional. And it is still stupid)

37. If you look closely right before Jason throws Charles McCulloch out the window, you will notice that the glass in that window is fake.

38. Sewer entrances in Manhattan are barricaded. (Sent in by

39. In the subway, when Jason bursts through the train door, there is a poster of a man's face with graffiti on it. In the bottom left hand corner of the poster, someone has wrote 'JASON LIVES' on it. Why is the subtitle of Part 6 on a poster in Manhattan? (Sent in by Paul Jackson)

40. When Rennie and Sean enter the subway car, there is a guy sitting right by the door. Later, a few cars away, Rennie screams for help and, magically, there is that same guy again.

41. There are no subway exits in the middle of Times Square. (Sent in by

42. When Rennie and Sean go to the subway, they enter from the left side of the screen. When Jason crashes through the glass doors, he comes from the RIGHT side of the screen.

43. When Sean kicks open the gate at the back of the restaurant to escape Jason, it opens very easily, and wasn't even locked.

44. How could that barrel of toxic waste that Rennie throws on Jason be there if the sewer floods out every night at midnight?

EXPLANATION: Maybe the sanitation worker was carrying it out with him when he was startled by Rennie and Sean, but since he died, he never got to go back and get it.

45. When Rennie tries to "pry" open the barrel of toxic waste, the lid is already loose as she bangs on it.

46. There is a shot of Sean and Rennie on the ladder trying to escape the sewer where Rennie is almost piggy-backed on him. However, in the very next shot, her position has moved down a few rungs and her head is near his waist.

47. In Part 7, Jason's left eye was bad. In Part 8, his RIGHT eye is bad.

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