1. At the end of Part 6, Jason has the gloves on when he is underwater. But in Part 7, when it shows the parts from the last movie, you can see him with the gloves on, then with the gloves off. Jason also got a belt from Burt in Part 6, but he doesn't have it in Part 7. Part 6 Jason wore a green jacket/shirt with gray pants. However, in Part 7, he is wearing a dark blue boiler suit!

EXPLANATION: The belt and gloves were cheap and rotted off in the lake. You can notice this every time they show Jason's hands, it looks like the gloves just grew on him!

2. When the dock collapses under Tina's dad, one of the logs hits the camera underwater.

EXPLANATION: This was used to show that Tina's dad was struck.

3. Part 7 is supposed to have taken place on May 16, but if you take notice, there are no leaves on the trees and it is cold (you can see their breath when they talk), indicating a late fall night, not a late spring/early summer night.

4. At the beginning, they show a glimpse of the camp and the sign says, "Camp Crystal Lake," but in Part 6 it was called "Camp Forest Green!"

EXPLANATION: The town decided to capitalize on the notoriety of Jason Voorhees and changed the name back.

5. When Nick picks up the shirt that Tina dropped out of her suitcase, it is PINK. When Nick returns it to her later on, it is WHITE.

EXPLANATION: Either it was a blooper or Nick bleached it really bad.

6. When Jane is waiting around for Michael to return from going to the bathroom, the cooler in her hands disappears in the reverse shot of Jason sneaking up on her.

7. When Jason kills Jane, she leans forward, then falls back against the tree again, but then slides down instead of falling forward. Soon after, when Jason pulls the spike out of her neck, she is against the tree again. (Sent in by

8. When Judy and her boyfriend are camping, after Dan is killed and Jason makes his way back to the tent, they re-use a shot of Rob's tent from Part 4. The tent from Part 4 is round while the tent from Part 7 is more boxy.

9. When Tina breaks Melissa's pearls, they break in pieces and fall on the floor. Yet, a few scenes later, Melissa is wearing them again.

EXPLANATION: As rich as Melissa said she was, she probably had more pearl necklaces.

10. When Sandra gets killed, her hair is wet from skinny dipping. But when Tina sees her body in the woods later, her hair is totally dry. (Sent in by

11. After Maddy goes upstairs and puts her makeup on, she goes back out the same door that she entered (on the second floor) and she is suddenly outside in the next shot! And why did she go outside to find David?

12. In Dr. Crews' office, there is a video monitor and VCR on his desk throughout most of the movie, but when Tina is looking at her Dad's picture on the wall, it is gone. There is also a large model train on the desk in some scenes but not in others.

13. Right before Eddie leaves Melissa in bed, his hand changes position from one shot to the next. First, it is somewhere near his side then it is on the top end of the cover near Melissa.

14. When David raids the refrigerator, the shot from behind shows Jason's shadow coming toward him. What's strange is that in the shadow Jason was walking very swiftly and his legs were stiff (like a penguin), but in the next shot, he is walking perfectly normal, knees bending and all.

15. Just before Robin is killed, she walks from one room to another, and if you watch the wall, you'll notice the cameraman's shadow right before she knocks and says, "Maddy?"

16. Also, when Robin enters the room, the camera rig is clearly noticeable in the window.

17. When Jason kills Robin he throws her out the window with her back to it, but when it shows the shot from outside she flies out face first.

18. Also, when Jason kills Robin, he supposedly throws her toward the window, but if you look closely, when Jason is about to throw her, you will see that Robin has the wall behind her, not a window!

19. When Mrs. Shepherd is killed, she is killed with a spear. But in Tina's dream, she was killed with a knife.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Tina's powers hadn't fully emerged, and she could only predict that her mom would be stabbed, not knowing what weapon Jason would use.

20. When Tina first encounters Jason, as they zoom in, you can see in one shot that Jason is looking down, then in the next, he is looking up, when in fact, he should have been looking up the entire time.

21. When Nick runs next door to gather every one up, a white flood light is clearly noticeable outside the cabin shining toward the house.

22. When Jason is chasing Nick and Tina up the stairs, Nick tries to open a side door. If you notice, he gives very little effort trying to shoulder-block the door open. And notice the lack of effort he uses when he tries to punch open the door. It is funny. Also, what door was he trying to open?

EXPLANATION: It was probably a bedroom door, which doesn't make sense, because it would have only trapped them more.

23. When Tina hangs Jason and drops him through the floor to the basement, the hole in the floor that Tina creates changes from shot to shot. In the first shot, when Jason is still hanging there, it is barely a hole and in the second shot, when she drops Jason through it, it is a huge hole.

24. When Jason grabs Tina from behind, how could he possibly climb straight up from the basement?

25. When the house explodes, there is a white light clearly noticeable leaning up against a tree nearby.

26. How did Jason escape the exploding house and get onto the dock so quickly without being noticed by Tina or Nick?

27. When Jason grabs Tina and throws her on the deck, you can tell when it cuts to the stunt actress as the hair is different.

28. Just after Jason knocks out Nick and Tina begins calling up her father, in the shot at the end of the dock, you can see a huge black curtain underneath the dock hiding the actor.

29. In the credits of the film, several cast members from previous films are credited from the prologue. From Part 6, Tony Goldwyn's character is credited as "David". In fact, his name in the film was Darren.

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