1. In Part 5, the cop says that Jason Voorhees was cremated, yet Tommy digs up Jason's grave.

EXPLANATION: Either the cop was mistaken or (more than likely) he was lying to dispel rumors. Come on folks, they had to bring Jason back somehow!

2. When Tommy is stabbing Jason with the fencepost, the corpse shakes and seems hollow and dried out-- yet when he is resurrected, Jason sure seems meaty.

3. When lightning strikes the fencepost, there are noticeable wires carrying the fire away from the grave (Sent in by

4. In the coffin, a maggot falls straight DOWN off of Jason's face even though he is supposedly lying down.

5. The truck that Tommy jumps into to escape Jason revs up before he has a chance to start it.

6. When Cort asks Sheriff Garris to put out an A.P.B. for the missing counselors, his headphones are around his neck. You can clearly see that he is NOT listening to any music. In the next shot, when Sheriff Garris makes fun of his torn jeans (a fad of the 1980s), Cort takes his headphones off and says "Excuse Me?", indicating he couldn't hear what the Sheriff said because he was listening to music.

EXPLANATION: The editor used separate takes,with different dialogue, that did not correspond with each other, resulting in the conflict. (Sent in by

7. After Cort and Paula bring their groceries from the truck, you can see their reflection in the side panel of the truck as they walk past the camera and then sit down and wait for the scene to end.

8. When Jason rips off Burt's arm to get the machete, a dripping noise is heard when Jason looks at the arm still attached to the machete but removed from Burt's body. Despite the dripping noise, if you look closely, you can tell that there is no blood dripping down from that arm.

9. If Camp Forest Green is supposed to be a SUMMER camp, why does everyone wear heavy coats as if it was fall or winter? You can also notice that it is not summer by the amount of leaves blowing around throughout the movie. (Sent in by D. Wayne Wilson)

10. When Jason decapitates the three paintballers and their corpses fall down, if you look closely, you can see the mat on the ground onto which they fall.

11. When Tommy makes a sharp turn for the graveyard and the sheriff says, "Hit the noise and the cherries," inside the police car it is shown going straight, but the shot before showed the car right on Tommy's tail, which means that they should have been turning-- which they don't do until the subsequent shot.

12. When Martin (the caretaker) throws his liquor bottle, you can't hear the thump that should've been there, indicating that Jason grabbed it. It seemed like Jason just grabbed the bottle right off of him, yet, he makes the throwing motion, indicating that he threw it very far away. If Jason had truly caught it, you would have heard a thumping noise, especially with Jason wearing those yellow gloves.

13. When Martin (the caretaker) is stabbed in the throat with the broken bottle, he screamed at the top of his lungs. How could he have let out such a scream, when in fact, that injury would have severed his larynx, resulting in only a gurgling sound?

EXPLANATION: The filmmakers probably figured that a scream was needed to attract Steven's attention, so he and Annette could be skewered. (Sent in by MeyeThyme).

14. After Jason chops the caretaker with the machete, he sees Steven and starts walking after him. His machete disappears in a side shot of him walking through the woods.

15. When Jason impales Steven and Annette on the motorcycle, watch Annette. After she spits the blood out of her mouth, she opens her eyes for a split second AFTER being stabbed to look at the director to see if it was a good take.

16. In the motorhome, Cort's shirt starts out rolled up tight almost to his chin but in subsequent shots, it rolls down without Cort or Nikki touching it.

17. When Cort is driving the motorhome, everything inside the motorhome is moving back and forth. There is a framed picture behind Cort that is moving back and forth. Once Jason grabs Nikki and pulls her into the bathroom, the frame stops moving, but after Jason kills her and right before he kills Cort, you can clearly see in the background that the framed picture is moving back and forth again.

18. In the motorhome, Cort turns up the Alice Cooper "Teenage Frankenstein" song, but the audio volume remains the same.

19. When Jason first arrives at camp and walks past Sissy and Paula's window, you see a blur as if Jason ran past the window. After Part 4, Jason never ran, so how could that be? Jason didn't walk THAT fast.

20. When Sissy pours the soda out the window, you can see the cameraman in the bottom left of the window used to shoot the reverse angle.

21. During the police chase scene, Officer Pappas reports Megan's license plate number to the sheriff even though she is driving backwards and there is no license plate on the front.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Office Pappas knew her license plate by heart and recognized her. But then again, he reacted funny when Sheriff Garris told him that it was Megan's car, so who knows, anything is possible.

22. During both the police chase scene and the scene where Jason stops the counselors in the middle of the road, there are scenes of nighttime, daytime, and then nighttime again in the same scene.

23. When Nancy, the little girl, is holding the machete, carrying it into Paula's cabin, there is some blood on it, but when she hands the machete to Paula, it is covered with blood. Also the front end of the machete is pointed directly towards Paula, but when Paula gets startled, it shows Nancy holding it with the front end pointing up.

24. When Tommy and Megan are in her car, Tommy asks her if "this thing can go any faster." Megan replies, "You got it," but the car never speeds up.

25. When Jason kills Paula, the squirt of blood on the window squirts from left to right, but when Jason throws Paula through the window, it appears to be coming from the right side of the window.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps there was a struggle between Jason and Paula and she fought to the right side of the window after he originally cut her, before he threw her through the window.

26. When Tommy and Megan are driving in the woods towards the camp near the end of the film, they re-use a shot from the earlier police chase-- look closely, you can see the red police lights reflected on the trees behind them.

27. When Sheriff Garris and then Megan find Paula's cabin with all the blood spilled everywhere, it seems like there is too much blood in that room to be coming from Paula alone. What human has that much blood in their body?

EXPLANATION: Jason may have used Sissy's body as well.

28. When Jason gets into the water after Tommy curses him out, it is clear that when Jason originally turns around, there is just a black background and a noise of water heard swishing, but no water is seen. It is clear that Jason was not in the water for those few shots.

29. In the beginning when they have the close-up of Jason's eye (in the James Bond spoof)it is brown, but at the end, when Megan cuts his neck with the boat propeller, his eye is blue, and then it is brown again for the last shot of Jason in the water.

EXPLANATION: Maybe the crew realized their mistake and changed it back to brown for the final scene.

30. The propeller's damage to Jason changes from shot to shot.

31. In the original script, Martin the caretaker survives and runs into Jason's father Elias while caring for Jason's grave, as well as Mrs. Voorhees. Elias pays Martin for his services, and is left alone at the graveside.

EXPLANATION: Tom McLoughlin, (writer and director of Jason Lives), had that in the script, but it was later rejected.

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