1. When the youngsters are digging up Jason's body in Tommy's dream, the coffin is actually at ground level with dirt piled on it.

EXPLANATION: Tommy's unconscious is saying that Jason is not buried far from the surface of his mind.

2. Also in Tommy's dream, when Jason holds up his machete he has clean and perfect fingernails when he has been buried in the ground for quite some time-- and he had nasty black fingernails when Tommy met him in Part 4.

EXPLANATION: It was too obvious that Jason was not the same as he was in Part 4. The biggest indication of this are the ears sticking out of the mask. That was only visible on Roy in Part 5. That didn't happen in Part 4. It was obvious that it was Dick Wieand trying to portray Jason and not Ted White, who played Jason in Part 4.

3. In Matt's office, his degrees hanging on the wall read "Lehnert". In fact, his last name was Leonard.

4. When Tommy first arrives at Pinehurst, he is shown unpacking on his regular bed. Later on, when Reggie goes to get him, it magically becomes a bunkbed.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Tommy decided to stack them to have more space in the room.

5. In the police car that Vic is in, there is no screen separating the back of the police car from the front.

6. Roy wears brown pants early on when he kills Vinny and Pete, but later, when he chases Pam and Reggie, he has on a dark blue boiler suit. (Sent in by

7. Lana smears bright red lipstick on her upper right lip but when she turns around to see what made the noise in the diner, it is pressed and perfect-looking.

8. When Billy is waiting for Lana outside the diner, his car stereo is on and playing loudly. Yet, when Lana comes out to the car, the radio is then off. It is very unlikely that Roy turned it off.

9. At the breakfast scene, there is a weathered old poster describing "The Laws Of Etiquette". The poster is weathered just fine, but the pictures on it are clearly clean and white-- and not as weathered as the rest of the poster.

10. When Tina is lying on her back in the woods, it is shown that it is peaceful and quiet with the birds chirping and the wind blowing. Then when she closes her eyes, Roy approaches to kill her and yet there is not a single twig breaking or even a leaf rustling. Roy could not have been that stealthy.

11. Also, in the same scene, Tina screams and Eddie, who was close enough to talk to her only moments before, does not hear her screams. How can this be, since the woods were made to seem so quiet and Eddie was not that far away when she was killed? (Sent in by

12. When Roy kills Eddie against the tree, how did he know which tree Eddie would back into? (Sent in by

13. Also in that kill scene, Roy turns the strap continuously to the left to tighten it, but then right in the middle of the kill, and before Eddie dies, he inexplicably turns it back to the right, which should have loosened it.

14. When Tommy, Pam and Reggie are going to see Demon in the truck, they pass the same rocks several times.

15. When Demon is taking a dump in the outhouse, his pants are only unzipped but not pulled down. There was also no sound effect of him doing his business, despite clearly being relieved of "those damn enchiladas".

16. Also, on the inside of the outhouse, it says, "No writing on the walls," yet there is countless graffiti everywhere, perhaps in an act of defiance.

17. Right behind Demon in the outhouse, it says, "Fadden was here." Earlier, when police arrested Vic for Joey's murder, they identified him as, "Victor J. Fadden." Do you think that Vic was responsible for that particular piece of graffiti?

18. When Demon finds Anita's body, you can see the pulse in her throat.

19. When Ethel is making the stew right before Junior is killed, the level of soup changes depending on whether the camera shot is in front of her or behind her.

20. When the cleaver is pulled from Ethel's head, it has no blood on it.

21. When Reggie finds the bodies in Tommy's room, Violet is first propped against the wall, then lying down, then propped against the wall again in the subsequent shots.

22. When Pam runs through the woods, her sweater magically disappears and re-appears in shots later.

23. When George is thrown through the window at the house, it appears the entire wall collapses, not just the window. Also, if you look closely, it looks like the entire wall collapses with precision, leaving behind a perfect square opening.

24. After George is thrown through the window, his head position is one way and then two shots later the head has turned to the left slightly.

25. When Reggie hits Roy with the tractor, the wound/cut appears on his chest only after he has hit the ground. It is most obvious when he is flying backwards and the headlight from the tractor shows his undamaged suit.

26. Also, after Reggie hits Roy with the tractor, you can clearly see his chest rise and fall several times, even though he was supposedly "dead".

EXPLANATION: Roy obviously wasn't as good at playing dead as the real Jason.

27. When Tommy swings the machete to knock Roy off of the second floor of the barn, if you look closely, you can see that he is not actually holding anything in his hands at all.

28. When Roy's supposed dead body is lying on the tractor harrow, if look closely you can see his eye twitch.

29. The nurse at the end, credited as Nurse Yates, has a name tag that reads "Katie Ediah", or something similar, but not Yates. The Katie part is clear on the Special Edition DVD, but the last name is difficult to make out aside from the E.

30. When the cop is explaining to Pam that Roy is the killer, he shows her some newspaper clippings. One of them has a photograph of Jason with his hockey mask on. What brave photographer took that picture?

31. When Pam enters Tommy's room at the hospital after hearing the glass break, if you look outside the window, you can notice that the white light behind the bushes is obviously a stage light used to shoot the scene.

32. At the end of the film, how did Tommy end up with Roy's hockey mask? The police should have taken it as evidence of the murders.

33. Also, the straps of Roy's hockey mask are cut in half when he gets impaled on the tractor harrow; yet, when Tommy has it later, they're fixed and he is able to wear it.

34. Where did Tommy get that kitchen knife at the end in the hospital?

EXPLANATION: It is also a dream.

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