1. In the beginning, it shows all the cop cars and medical vehicles arriving and driving away with no problem. How could they, when the bridge collapsed under Chris' van in Part 3?

EXPLANATION: Maybe a temporary bridge was built or something to allow the vehicles access. Personally, I think it was a huge error on the producers' part.

2. When the medics pick up the ax in the beginning, they pick it up off of the ground, when in fact, they should have taken it out of Jason's head.

3. When the paramedics are rolling Jason, his feet are not facing them, but when they come into the room with Axel, Jason has switched positions (Sent in by

4. When Ted and Jimbo start talking in the car, the others suddenly stop in the middle of the song they were singing. Why would they do that? (Sent in by

5. When they drive past Pamela's grave, Neither Ted nor Jimbo are in the back of the car. (Sent in by

6. Part 1 takes place on Friday, June 13 in "Present Day." Mrs. Voorhees' tombstone says "Pamela Voorhees: 1930-1979." But June 13, 1979 wasn't a Friday.

7. In Friday the 13th Part 3, Jason's hands looked like a normal man's, but in Part 4 (which takes place the next day), he has long, black fingernails.

8. Also in Part 3, Jason was stabbed in the leg, but there is no blood stain or cut in his pants in Part 4.

9. When the nurse is mad at Axel, she opens the morgue double doors to leave and Axel holds the right door from closing but the left door stays open as well.

10. When Trish and her mother are jogging, a bush in front of them moves before they run by it. It looks like a cameraman bumped into it as he walking backwards.

11. When the hitchhiker is eating the banana, it goes from being longer to shorter in each cut as she is being killed (Sent in by

12. When Tommy is playing his computer game and is just about to crash into a force-field wall, they cut, and his mother asks him something. But when they cut back, his ship is in the middle and there is NO chance of him crashing into that wall. How can this be, because when Tommy turned to see what his mother wanted, he was just about to die on the game (Sent in by

EXPLANATION: Tommy did indeed hit the force-field wall. When you die in Zaxxon, it automatically starts you with a new ship a bit further back in the game, which is why the force-field wall was suddenly so far away in the next scene. (Sent in by Doug Myers).

13. When Mrs. Jarvis tucks Tommy in, how could she see the others making out across the street in the window? It appears that Tommy's bedroom window was too far away from his bed to be able to see that far across the street. Also, the drapes were almost totally shut, so how could they see anything out of them?

14. When they first show Rob, he is shown with LIGHT BLUE jeans and BLACK boots on. When he meets Tommy at the hood of their car, he now has on BLACK jeans and TAN boots. And still later, when he accidentally tried to attack Trish, he has DARK BROWN boots on.

EXPLANATION: Maybe it was really Jason out there with Rob, but when Jason saw Rob, but, based on all the weaponry Rob had, he decided to wait until later to take him out. (Sent in by

15. Rob says that when he first meets Tommy and Trish that he is hunting for bear, and Tommy says that there are no bears in the area to discredit his story. However, in Part 2, Paul gave a long speech to all the counselors about bear safety, saying that bears wander all over the woods-- Even though Part 2 takes place only a few days before Part 4.

EXPLANATION: Either Paul was trying to scare the counselors into staying at the camp in Part 2 or Tommy was mistaken.

16. When Paul dances with Tina, she takes his baseball hat and puts it on. A few shots later, Paul has the hat back on, but doesn't appear to have taken his arms off her shoulders while he was dancing. Later, when Paul leaves to check on Samantha, Tina has the hat back on.

17. What are the odds that a nice, perfectly inflated raft is placed so neatly right in the middle of the lake?

EXPLANATION: Either the teenagers put it in there earlier or Jason set it up as bait like he did the snare trap to Scott in Part 2.

18. When Tina puts the baseball hat on Jimmy, she puts it on him straight. A few shots later, when they are dancing, the hat is tilted sideways on his head, "hip-hop" style.

19. When Samantha gets mad and goes to the lake, during the party, and when Paul goes after her, we get an impression that the lake is near the house. However, earlier in the movie, Terri and Tina told the group that it was a little far to get to the lake. In the next scene, we see the group swimming in the lake. The question is: Why did they go so far to swim in the lake if the lake seems to be near the house? Should Samantha have gone so far away from the house, alone and in the night? (Sent in by Rodrigo Groba)

EXPLANATION: There are many ways to get to the lake, perhaps the way Tina and Terri were talking was longer than the way Samantha and Paul knew...Or perhaps the whole group knew a shortcut after their experience earlier in the day.

20. It was impossible for Jason to spear Paul from under the dock, because the water wasn't shallow enough for Jason to stand in. Earlier, Samantha was swimming there and she went underwater and you couldn't see her.

EXPLANATION: Maybe Jason was lying in the lake waiting for Paul. (Sent in by

21. When Terri goes out to leave, you can hear the bike's kickstand being raised. But when Tina looks through the window, both bikes are up, and it is doubtful that Jason would have set it back up after killing Terri.

22. When Tina gets thrown out of the window by Jason you see a top view of the car as she is falling. If you take a look at the car, you can see that the car is already dented and the windows are already shattered before she hits.

EXPLANATION: A better effect when she hits the car.

23. When Jimbo is killed with the cleaver, you can see that the cleaver has the front cut out of it to accommodate Jimbo's head (Sent in by

24. Doesn't it seem a little odd that when Jason threw Tina out the window, NOT ONE of the other kids in the house heard all of the noise that was made when she landed on the car? (Sent in by

25. When Doug is in the shower and Jason walks in, they show us a (point of view shot) slowly going towards the shower. Look closely at this shot, you can see that Doug's hair is DRY and in his normal hair style. BUT, when they cut back to him inside the shower, his hair is WET and slicked back (Sent in by

26. When Sara goes into the second floor bathroom to dry her hair, there is a bench in the hall. Later, when Jason chases Trish upstairs, the bench has moved across the hall (Sent in by

27. When Sara tries to escape from the house, she is unable to open the locked front door. When Rob and Trish go to investigate, the front door is unlocked, and it doesn't seem like Jason did it.

28. Why couldn't Sara open the locked door from the inside? All she had to do was unlock it.

EXPLANATION: Either Sara was too stupid, or the door was unlocked the whole time, just Jason blocked it shut with something so Sara couldn't open it.

29. When Trish and Rob enter the house, the front door was open. Soon after, the power goes out, which indicates Jason is in the basement. Yet, when Trish goes to leave, mysteriously the door that was open is now closed, and Sara's body has appeared on the porch outside, even though Jason was still in the basement at the time. Unless there is another way into the basement, how could he have shut the door and managed to sneak Sara's corpse onto the porch, all in time to run back down into the cellar again and kill Rob, then hide for Trish, when he could have snuck outside and waited for her.

30. When Trish and Rob go into the house, they look right at the projector screen but do not react to Teddy's blood being all over it.

31. When Gordon (the dog) jumps out the window in one shot, he is breaking through glass, but in the next shot, he is moving through the window with no glass around him at all.

32. When Jason is trying to get into Tommy's bedroom, the bookcase they use to barricade the door has some toys on it. If you look closely, you will see a yellow and white stuffed animal fall off the second shelf, but in the next shot it is back on the shelf.

33. When Tommy and Trish hide in Tommy's room, Tommy grabs a chair which is teetering in his hand-- then suddenly it is on the floor in the next shot.

34. There is also a purple monster mask hanging from Tommy's ceiling, and when Jason busts through the door, it begins to spin. A few shots later it is hanging still, but in the next shot, it is once again spinning.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps they messed up a scene in between and had to re-shoot that part of the scene, thus putting a clip of a scene where the mask is NOT spinning between two scenes where it WAS spinning.

35. When Trish jumps out the window, you can clearly see that she sinks into the ground (on a mattress or something hidden under the dirt), but when she stands up she is on solid ground.

36. When Jason leaves the house after Trish jumps out the window, the film slows down as Jason walks past where Trish landed.

37. Back at the house, when Trish and Jason are fighting in her living room, Jason crushes a lamp on the floor and the room becomes pitch dark. However, a moment later, it is lit again by a sudden occurrence of "moonlight."

38. Trish swings the machete at Jason overhanded, but in the next shot, she knocks Jason's mask off underhanded.

39. After Tommy sticks the machete in Jason's face, Jason falls to the floor, with his head almost cut in half. Right after that, Tommy picks the machete up off of the floor, when he should have taken it out of Jason's head.

EXPLANATION: When Jason fell to the ground, he fell off of the machete, sending it to the floor.

40. When Tommy first looks at the machete on the ground, the handle is on the corner of the rug, but when he picks it up, it is not on the rug at all (Sent in by

41. On the cover of the Part 4 box, the mask is shown with an ax mark on the right side of the mask, when in fact Jason was hit in the left side of the mask by the ax in Part 3. (Sent in by Adam Wilson and Terry Russell)

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