1. When they are re-capping the end of Part 2 at the beginning, there is a mistake. When Ginny runs in Jason's cabin and closes the door, she sees Jason and screams. However, we the viewers don't see him. In Part 2 itself, we could actually see Jason running toward the camera in the background.

2. At the end of Part 2, Jason jumps through the window and grabs Ginny and still has the machete sticking out of his shoulder. When they recap the end of Part 2 in Part 3 after Ginny and Paul walk out of the room there is a new shot showing Jason (still lying on the floor) pulling the machete out of his arm and dragging himself off camera.

EXPLANATION: Either Ginny dreamed being attacked by Jason or Jason retreated back to his cabin after attacking Ginny and collapsed on the floor, only to later get up and pull the machete out.

3. At the end of part 2, when Jason attacked Ginny, he had almost a full head of hair, yet later on in part 3 when Jason attacked Chris in her dream, which took place 2 years BEFORE part 2, Jason is bald.

4. When Edna is watching the news, the newscaster says that, "Bodies were found literally strewn over the four square mile campground." However, Jason brought most of the bodies to his cabin in the woods.

5. Also, during the same part, they show Ginny the next morning being taken away in an ambulance. How can this be, if Part 3 picks up the night of Part 2?

6. At the beginning, when Edna sees Jason in the backyard, he has no resemblance at all to Harold. Harold is short, fat and balding. Jason is about 6'4" and weighs a good 250. There is no way that she could mistake Jason for him.

7. Jason has no apparent wound where he was macheted in the shoulder by Ginny the previous day. No blood seeps through from the large gash that is supposed to be there.

8. There are clothes on the line even after Edna is shown taking them down. It is noticeable when Harold passes back through.

9. There is a wire visible that is holding back the snake that strikes at Harold.

10. It is obvious that Harold is sitting on the toilet lid when he is in the bathroom.

11. There are two different shots in Harold's death. In the first shot, when the cleaver hits his chest, blood goes all over his white shirt. However, in the next shot, there's not as much blood on it. (Sent in by

12. When Chili is handing Andy the joint, the way she is holding it changes from shot to shot.

13. Right before Chris stops the van to avoid hitting Abel, you can see that no one is in the back of the van.

14. When they arrive at the lake and get out of the van, the long shot from the passenger's side shows Chris getting out and slamming her door, but then the next shot from the driver's side shows her getting out and slamming the door again.

15. When Rick is loading "hay" into the barn, he asks Chris why they have no horses. Chris replies that every year, her father buys hay, but no horses. But, if you notice closely, they are actually hoisting straw, not hay. So it's probably a good thing that Chris's father never got those horses-- they would have starved to death. (Sent in by Nilbert).

16. Who screamed before they found Shelly "dead" during his prank? All the others were at the lake and Paul and Chris were at the barn.

EXPLANATION: It was another of Shelly's tricks, maybe a voice modifier or recording...or maybe it was Shelly himself.

17. When Shelly and Vera are in the store, the main theme of Part 3 is playing over the speakers.

18. When Shelly throws the wallet to Vera in the store, he is wearing a watch. That is the only shot in which Shelly is seen wearing that watch.

19. When Shelly and Vera are walking out of the store, Vera stuffs Shelly's wallet into her BEIGE pants. Later, while sitting on the dock, she pulls them out her PINK pants.

20. When Shelly looks toward the camera as he's starting up the car to leave the store, you can see the reflection of the microphone in the windshield.

21. Also, just before Shelly hits the motorcycles, the camera pans to the driver's side window and you can see at the lower left part of the window the reflection of the cameraman or someone on the set. He is wearing some sort of cowboy hat.

22. When Shelly knocks over the bikers' bikes and Ali strikes the windshield and then hits the driver's side window, he shatters it. But when Shelly and Vera get back to the camp and Rick asks Shelly and Vera what happened the driver's side window is fine? Who could have repaired it that fast (and not repaired the windshield?)

23. When Andy is playing with his yo-yo, he lets it drop down and smack Debbie on the nose. She replies, "Woah, that was close!" when the yo-yo actually DID hit her!

24. If the bikers siphoned all of the gas out of Chris' van, they would have had to stick the hose in the tank pretty far, but Ali only sticks the hose in a little bit.

25. When Fox is swinging on the rope in the barn and yelling, "Woooo!", she screamed it loug enough so that Ali should have been able to hear and see her from where he was standing at by the van.

26. Also in that scene, if you look to the bottom right of the screen, you can see a person walking away as the rope is swinging without Fox on it.

EXPLANATION: I think we're supposed to see that...possibly it's Jason walking away. Or maybe not.

27. When Fox gets killed in the barn and then Loco goes up the ladder to investigate where she got to, he would have had to pass right by her body when she is hanging there. Because when he turns around, she is nailed right to the board directly behind him.

28. When Loco sees Fox with the pitchfork in her neck, if you look closely you will see the device wrapped around her left leg that is supporting her.

29. Jason approaches Loco with a five-pronged pitchfork, but the pitchfork that enters Loco's stomach is four-pronged.

30. When Loco's body falls on Ali, there is only a little blood coming out of his nose and there is none coming out of his stomach, chest, or back. Also, where was the pitchfork that Jason stuck into him? Why would Jason take it out?

31. When Vera is looking at Shelly's wallet, the film slows down so that you can see the picture of Shelly and his mother.

32. When Jason kills Vera with the harpoon, if you look closely, you can see the wire controlling it.

33. When Andy is killed, the shot from below shows his head hitting the ground, but in the next shot, he is still up on his hands and then falls.

34. When Debbie goes into the shower, she still has her necklace on. But when she comes out of the bathroom, it is no longer there.

35. Don't you think Debbie would have seen Jason hiding under the hammock or Andy's dead body above her before she laid down? The ceiling in that room wasn't very high.

36. When Chuck is walking down the stairs in the basement to check the fuses, you can see the shadow of the microphone on his shirt.

37. When Chuck shines the light on Jason in the basement, Jason is wearing an undershirt and his shirt is open around the collar. A few shots later when Jason kills Chili, his shirt is buttoned up all the way.

EXPLANATION: The only thing I can figure is that perhaps Richard Brooker, who played Jason in Part 3, was uncomfortable in the basement scene and loosened his collar, but forgot to button up when they shot the scene.

38. When Chris is in the closet and Jason starts breaking down the door, you can see that the door is made out of cardboard.

39. Rick's death is obviously fake. When Jason first grabs him, his eyes are real. A shot later, the eyes are noticeably fake, thus allowing them to pop out.

40. Jason is knifed by Chris in the LEFT knee, but in all subsequent shots, the wound appears on the RIGHT knee.

41. Chris noticeably hesitated right before Jason pulled the knife out of his knee and threw it at her.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps they were trying to make the knife strike closer to Chris for a better effect and scare tactic.

42. If you look closely when Jason throws the knife at Chris, you will see the wire controlling it when it hits the wall.

43. Chris also stabbed all the way through Jason's left hand. But when he reaches through the driver's side window, blood can only be seen on the back of his hand and his palm is completely clean and undamaged.

44. How did Ali manage to survive so long after Jason beat him with a wrench? And how did he just manage to come to just as Jason was about to kill Chris?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Ali came to earlier, and hid out in the barn so that no one would find him there, or he may have heard all the screams and commotion going on and wanted to wait until the right time to get the drop on Jason. And that opportune time just happened to occur when Jason was about to kill Chris.

44. In the final scene, when Chris is in the canoe and she hallucinates seeing Jason at the window, if you look closely at the scene where he knocks down the door, the door actually looks like it knocked itself off its hinges right before he crossed the threshold.

45. At the end of Part 2, Jason was unmasked, revealing long hair and heavy eyebrows. In Part 3, he's unmasked again, but he looks totally different! He has some hair but is mostly bald. His face looks horrible, as his eyes don't line up, his skin is grayish, etc. Part 3 was supposed to have happened the day after Part 2, and yet he is now bald and his features are even more distorted.

EXPLANATION: Maybe Jason finally learned how to use a razor for something other than killing!

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