1. How could Jason have roamed the campgrounds as a boy without the counselors (or Mrs. Voorhees) knowing or seeing him, when it was presumed he'd drowned? If he'd survived, don't you think he would have gone right back to his mother?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Mrs. Voorhees knew all along Jason didn't die, and still wanted to punish the counselors for not watching him. Or, it could be that Jason was in fact roaming aimlessly and living on his own all that time.

2. While the first group approaches the campgrounds, Wade states that there are mountain lions around...from what mountain? There are no mountains near Crystal Lake, or in that area of New Jersey.

3. It is highly unlikely that marijuana would be growing in the middle of the woods in New Jersey, even in the summer. Marijuana requires ultra violet light, a jungle-like climate, and careful tending to grow properly (we wouldn't know).

4. When Wade finds the marijuana plants in the woods, he smells the leaf of a plant and rejoices. In reality, it's the flower of the plant (the smokeable part) that gives the famous smell, not the leaves (again, we wouldn't know haha).

5. How could Wade not have known the name of the camp? They were in the town of CRYSTAL LAKE, after all.

6. When Wade is telling the story about the Camp Crystal Lake murders, look closely. You can clearly see two silks reflected in his glasses when he looks up from the campfire.

7. If Mrs. Voorhees' locket was so special to Jason, why would he keep it up in the house and not with him in his underground lair?

8. Why would Jason string up Christmas lights (including relatively new ones) in the house when there was already electricity there?

9. As the second group drives into the outpost, the road sign says Highway 61, which is not even in New Jersey.

EXPLANATION: The movie was filmed on and around Austin, Texas, so the highway is down there.

10. It is illegal for patrons to pump their own gas in New Jersey. By law there should have been an attendant on duty and gas would not be paid for inside the outpost.

11. When the New Jersey license plate on the back of Trent's SUV is shown, it has a registration validation sticker in the upper right corner showing '08'. In reality, the state of New Jersey hasn't required those stickers in over five years.

12. In the state of New Jersey, motorcycle riders are required to wear a helmet. Clay was not wearing one throughout the film, a law Officer Bracke apparently chose to overlook when he pulled him over.

13. At Trent's summer home, a pond is shown out back by the tool shed. This pond is surely not a lake, and definitely NOT Crystal Lake, as they would have you believe.

14. Why would Trent tell Nolan to type "boat" into his navigation system? That obviously would not get them anywhere.

EXPLANATION: Either Trent was being a dick (he was good at that), or he was just messing around with him since Jenna just got done telling him to be nice.

15. What is up with Jenna and Trent's supposed relationship? Jenna just leaves with Clay (a total stranger), and Trent does nothing about it? I guess he got his revenge later with Bree, but we had a tough time buying into that relationship.

16. When Clay walks out of the house toward his motorcycle carrying his backpack, it switches from one shoulder to the other, as well as being carried in his hand by its traps, in each different camera angle.

17. Also in that scene, right when Clay and Jenna first walk out, she asks, "Where's your car?" while looking right at his motorcycle. Why would she ask that, if she was looking right at his bike?

18. When Jason approaches Donnie in the barn, Donnie yells "what the f*ck" and swings his mallet at Jason at the same time. It was almost as if Donnie knew he was there the whole time. In reality, Donnie would have turned around first, then reacted, but not in one motion like that.

19. Who docks a boat at their summer home and doesn't cover it, especially if they weren't going to be there that much?

20. Why would there be a life preserver on a tree and not down by the dock, or on the boat?

21. When Clay and Jenna find Wade's GPS, what happened to all the marijuana growing nearby? It is noticeably absent at that point.

EXPLANATION: Either the crop died in the six weeks that elapsed, or Donnie stole it all to sell, as he mentioned to Clay earlier.

22. When the group plays beer pong at Trent's house, it is clear that none of them are even drunk or high. And if Trent and Bree really lost 10 games in a row, they should have been wasted or majorly buzzed.

23. Why didn't Chelsea move as the boat approached her? She just sat there and let it hit her. She saw it was coming at a high speed, couldn't she sense something was wrong and get the hell out of the way?

24. After Chelsea gets hit by the boat and emerges from the water, we see her holding her head, and there is blood coming out of it. Later, when she hides under the pier, the blood is gone and there is no visible injury.

25. And speaking of the boat, what happened to it? After Nolan got the arrow through the head, the boat just takes off on its own, never to be seen again. Did it crash? Did it go out to sea? What??? We have to know these things!

26. What is with the burnt and dirty dolls and other toys spread out among the cabins? Wouldn't all that stuff have been gone if they shut down the camp?

27. Why would anyone build a children's camp on top of an existing mine shaft?

28. When Jason is carrying the body and Clay and Jenna are hiding under the stack of canoes, look closely. The body he is carrying is beheaded, so it couldn't have been Donnie, because he merely slit his throat.

EXPLANATION: The body Jason was carrying was in fact Donnie's, but his death scene was changed. In the original scene, Donnie was beheaded, and that could be the scene they based that on.

29. If the campsite was truly abandoned, all of the utilities (including the electricity) would have been turned off, and Jason wouldn't have been able to control it.

EXPLANATION: Donnie tells Clay in the barn that someone has been stealing all his kerosene. That was obviously Jason, who, in a cut scene, is confronted by Donnie when he catches him walking out with two containers full of it. Jason used it power the emergency generators so he could control the lights.

30. If Whitney lived in the mine for six weeks, what did she eat? Where did she go to the bathroom? There was no evidence of anything nearby.

31. When Chewie is holding the flaming shot glass, the flame disappears when the camera is behind him and reappears when the camera is in front of him.

32. If Chewie's shot glass was really hot enough to burn his lip, how could he have even been holding it?

33. How could Chewie fix a chair, especially a valuable family heirloom, by getting tools from the toolshed?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Chewie was a handyman and never revealed it.

34. Why wasn't Trent's tool shed locked? With all that expensive equipment (and wine) in there, it definitely should not have been left open.

35. When Chewie finds the liquor cabinet inside the tool shed, the bottle changes from his right to left hand with each sequential shot up until he puts the bottle back in the cabinet.

36. When Chewie gets stabbed right under his chin, the position of the screwdriver changes from dead center to far right (away from the camera) so much that you clearly see it's too far over to actually be in him, but rather on the outside of his neck.

37. Why would Lawrence play with himself in the middle of the living room, especially when he was expecting Chewie back at any minute to fix the chair?

38. When Clay and Jenna are looking for Whitney, Jenna is in a skirt. Later, when they get back to the house, she runs upstairs and knocks on the door to try to get Trent. When she comes back down, she is in jeans.

39. Why would Trent say Jenna "left with this guy for hours, f*cking all over the woods?" He had no idea what really was going on.

EXPLANATION: See above. This is just another part of their confusing relationship.

40. When Trent and Bree are having sex in the bedroom, Bree is seen sitting up with her hands on top of her head holding her hair. When it cuts to showing Trent's upper body half, you can see Bree's hands by his neck and shoulders. Then, when it cuts back to the same side view as before with Bree sitting on top of Trent, her hands are all of a sudden back at the top of her head holding her hair. As quick as the shots are shown, there is clearly no time for her to get her hands back up that fast.

41. As Lawrence approaches the tool shed, look closely. It is well lit, despite there only being one light on inside (the one that was swinging after Chewie was killed).

42. When Jason throws the hatchet at Lawrence, look closely. He throws it with a ton of velocity and it should have struck downward into his back. Yet when it actually hits, it comes directly at him from the left, and is going a lot slower.

43. When Lawrence is killed, Jason forces the hatchet straight down through his body. Yet, later on, we see Lawrence lying face down in the hot tub with the hatchet sticking out of his back again.

44. It was obvious Jason got into the house through the window, but why would the bottles still be on the window sill un-interrupted? Jason would not have avoided them, and he sure as hell would not have put them back.

45. When Jason throws Bree out of the house onto the police car, the windshield breaks like house glass. Modern windshields are generally made of laminated safety glass, a type of treated glass which consists of two curved sheets of glass with a plastic layer laminated between them for safety, and don't shatter as much as they crumble.

46. Who would keep driving with a dead body on the back of their truck?

EXPLANATION: The driver saw Jason in the mirror and wanted to get as far away from there as possible, then deal with Trent's body.

47. Whitney was shackled across her waist and her wrists, yet when Clay frees her, he only uses his pick to smash the chains on her wrist. What about the ones around her waist?

48. Clay can be seen briefly in a few scenes with a fixed blade knife in a sheath on his belt. Not only does he never think to use it to defend himself against Jason, he looks frantically for other weapons in the barn right before Jason crashes through the window behind him. Did he forget that he had the knife?

49. And the odds are very slim indeed that a little pick is going to break those chains, especially on the second try.

50. Why would there be a lantern on inside the mine, when Jason clearly had electricity down there?

51. What is up with the school bus in the middle of the woods? Even if it somehow crashed, it would have been removed, along with all the other personal affects (dolls, toys, etc.) when the camp shut down.

52. The blood and grime on Clay's face in the barn, especially the blood on his right cheek, changes between shots.

53. Throughout the ending montage, dead brown leaves are shown blowing around the various areas. Why would there be dead leaves in the middle of summer?

54. What took so long for Clay and Whitney to dump Jason's body in the lake? It was dark when they fought in the barn, yet daylight by the time they got him into the lake.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps it was near dawn by the time the battle was over and they finally got out of there...or perhaps it was a dream!

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