1. Jason was still 11 when he came out of the lake at the end of part one (after twenty years). If there were only five years between the first and second movies, how could Jason have become full grown, especially since he hadn't grown at all while in the lake?

EXPLANATION: Alice was not physically attacked by Jason; It was a dream or psychic vision.

2. Also, if Jason had been living in the woods all that time, wouldn't someone have encountered him at some point during the five years?

3. When Alice gets in the shower, it seems like the time it takes her to shower is way too short, even if she was just rinsing off. She seems to end her shower right before the phone rings, and it appeared as if she was getting out anyways.

EXPLANATION: Pay attention. Her opening the curtain and getting out occur at different times. The phone ringing is an audio segue that leads you to THINK the shots are subsequent, but she is not actually getting out when she opens the curtain. It's a "gotcha" where she looks right at the camera.

4. When Alice is scared by the cat that "jumps" through the window, it is apparent that the cat was actually THROWN through the window by a crew member.

5. After Crazy Ralph rides away on his bike, Jeff follows him with his eyes. But Crazy Ralph rode right past Jeff's truck (which was being towed). If he was watching him ride away, why didn't he see his truck being towed?

6. When Terry is walking with muffin through the fields, Scott aims at her butt with a sling shot, and hits her on her right butt cheek, but she grabs her left.

7. When Crazy Ralph is strangled with barbed wire, the wire is placed OVER the tree and around his neck which is really strange because the tree would be too tall to reach over.

8. The sheriff leaves his car in the middle of the road when he gets out to chase Jason, but when Ginny and Paul come back that night, the bright white police car is nowhere to be found.

9. If the sheriff did not return to the station that night, don't you think that other officers would be worried and send backup to look for him?

EXPLANATION: Either he was the town's only sheriff or he was getting off duty when no one would expect him to return.

10. When Terri goes back to her cabin to look for a knife (to cut Scott down) she stands up and looks right at the camera for a quick second.

EXPLANATION: It's another "gotcha", similar to Alice earlier in the movie, where she looks right at the camera.

11. When Jason kills Scott, he slits the machete straight across, yet the slice on his neck is diagonal.

12. Also, in the same scene, in the first shot ,when Jason's holding the machete, he's going to slice him with the front part, but then he slices him with the back.

13. Jason also killed Scott (as well as Mark later) with the BACK edge of the machete, which is not sharp.

EXPLANATION: The machete Jason uses in Part 2 is curved outward, not inward like most machetes, so it was in fact correct when Jason killed them that way.

14. When Paul offers the counselors a last night on the town, he claims, "We've only got two cars," but later Vickie goes to hers to get a hairbrush. Wouldn't they have borrowed hers instead of Ginny's old jalopy?

15. When Terry starts toward her cabin to get a knife to cut down Scott (who is in the snare), she obviously threw her towel directly onto the camera, which was probably placed there as a marker telling her where to throw it.

16. When Mark gets the machete in the face, the camera cuts to a far shot. In the first shot, he is in the middle of the porch and Jason is right behind him. When it shows the front, he is right on the stairs, and Jason is nowhere to be seen.

17. When Vicki is in her cabin getting ready to meet Mark, the window in the mirror behind her has no curtains. However, in the next shot, when she lifts up her panties, the window now magically has curtains in it.

18. When Vickie is looking for Mark, she walks to the top of the stairs and still calls out his name. Why would someone look for a person in a wheelchair at the top of a flight of stairs?

19. When Jason raises the knife in the air pursuing Vickie, there is no blood on it. How can this be, especially after he just stabbed Vickie in the leg in the previous shot?

20. When Ginny is hiding in front of the car her head is visible above the hood (you can see her shadow on top of the hood), where Jason could have easily seen it from where he was walking.

21. When Jason sticks his pitchfork through the roof of Ginny's car, she opens the door and knocks him on the ground. He is then seen getting up. In the next scene, as Ginny is running away from the car and into the woods, if you look closely Jason can be seen still laying on the ground!

22. When Jason chases Ginny into her cabin, he doesn't leave any footprints. How can this be, when it was storming only moments before when Ginny and Paul were driving back?

23. When Jason is in Ginny's cabin, you can see the microphone wire's shadow on the floor when he starts to walk toward the cots.

24. When Ginny is hiding under the bed in the cabin and Jason comes in looking for her, she sees the rat and urinates in her pants and Jason hears it. He then acts like he leaves by opening the door, but from the time that Ginny is looking at the rat to the time the door closes, she looks back at where he was standing and he isn't there. Now the distance from the chair he stands on and the door is quite large, so how could he have made it look like he left and got on the chair without her knowing and doing it that fast?

EXPLANATION: Jason is very clever.

25. How did Jason only finally see Mrs. Voorhees' head when Ginny moved, when a few shots earlier, when Ginny was pretending to be Mrs. Voorhees, you can clearly see Mrs. Voorhees' head to the left of the screen (to the right of Ginny), where Jason could have easily seen it?

EXPLANATION: Jason was in a trance until the last minute, when he came out of it and saw Mrs. Voorhees' head.

26. At the end, when Ginny and Paul are leaving Jason's cabin, you can see an electric lamp in the window. Since when could Jason afford electricity or even have it installed there?

27. If Muffin came back at the end, then what dog did Jeff and Sandra find mutilated at Camp Crystal Lake?

EXPLANATION: It was Muffin they found. Her coming back at the end of the film was merely part of Ginny's dream, as was that entire sequence.

28. At the end, when Ginny is loaded into the ambulance, she is loaded in feet-first, when she should have been guided in head-first.

29. What happened to the rest of the counselors at the bar? Did they stay out the entire night? Not one of them is seen at the camp the next morning.

EXPLANATION: Either some of the counselors found Ginny unconcious upon their return, or the other officers did while tracking the disappearance of the Sheriff (who may not have radioed in his position at the Lake before his death). If the counselors found her (Jason had fled), and called the police, they may have been questioned in one of the cabins away from the crime scene. Likewise, if the police found Ginny during their investigation of the Sheriff's disappearance, they would have blocked entry to the camp/crime scene, letting only the medics and forensics personnel in. The other counselors would either be in town, being questioned, or hanging around the police barrier at the entrance.

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