1. At the beginning, Annie says she hates it when people call children "kids," but earlier she told Enos that she will be cooking for 50 KIDS and 10 staff.

2. If Enos the truck driver dropped Annie off at the crossroads, and then Ned, Jack and Marcie were driving down the same road in the next scene, wouldn't they have seen Annie and picked her up on the way?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Ned, Jack and Marcie drove in on a back road.

3. When everyone is looking for the snake under the bed, Alice first lifts up the sheet and then in the next shot it is Marcie lifting the sheet with Alice behind her.

4. When Alice is scared by Crazy Ralph in the pantry, she screams and Marcie and Ned come running in. Ned is eating a hamburger. How can this be if they didn't even make the hamburgers until the next scene?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Ned had already made a hamburger before the others did.

5. The lightning that flashes on Marcie and Jack is obviously NOT lightning. Lightning has a blue tint to it, and it is pretty obvious that a large yellow light was flashed at their faces.

6. When Jack gets a spear through his neck, look closely under his chin and you can see the line between Jack's head and the fake neck.

7. When Marcie goes to look behind the shower curtain, a large line runs up the left side of the film.

8. Outside the diner is is obviously a fire hose being sprayed back and forth to cause the rain.

9. Why would Brenda walk all the way to the communal bathrooms only to brush her teeth and wash her face when a sink is clearly shown in her own cabin?

10. When Brenda goes out into the rain because she hears a voice, it is definitely a child's voice that says, "Help me please, Helllp!" You can hear the voice break like a child's, something that Mrs. Voorhees could not and does not do.

11. When we see the axe on the pillow there is blood on only one side. Why would Mrs. Voorhees have cleaned one side of the axe?

12. There is a major lighting error when Alice goes to make coffee. As Alice strolls into the kitchen from the main room of the cabin, her lantern is the only light source in an otherwise pitch black room. The room that Alice is exiting with her lantern is completely dark; however, when she reaches the kitchen, her "magic lantern" splashes enough power to backlight the entire kitchen!

13. When Alice is alone making coffee, on a table by the pantry is a blender and to the right of the blender is a basket of eggs. When Alice returns to the kitchen (after discovering Bill's body) the blender and eggs have switched places.

14. When Alice is making coffee, the pot appears then disappears from view in the next shot.

15. Why would Steve Christy park his jeep so neatly and conveniently on the side of the road? If his battery died, what are the odds of it dying into a perfect parking place off the road?

16. When the police officer drops Steve Christy off, he turns on his sirens and lights. But then as he leaves, the lights and sirens are off.

17. When Alice finds Steve Christy's body, his wound has moved from his stomach to his chest.

18. When Alice finds Bill pinned to the door with arrows, his right eye moves. Is he dead or was he just dying?

EXPLANATION: When Alice closes the door, Bill's head moved and that is what made his right eye move.

19. When Alice returns to the cabin after finding Bill's dead body, she barricades the door. Why would she do that, when the door opens OUT and not in?

20. Brenda's head moves after she is thrown through the window, after we assume she is dead.

EXPLANATION: Either she is not completely dead of her head is just settling.

21. After Brenda is thrown through the window, Alice quickly bolts out of the room and throws open the door. As she runs out of the cabin, Mrs. Voorhees pulls up in the jeep. Even if Mrs. Voorhees threw Brenda through the window, jumped into the jeep and then came down to the cabin from the front, Alice would have heard it.

22. When Alice runs into Mrs. Voorhees, she tells her that "She's dead and HE's dead and oh poor Bill." Who was Alice referring to as HE? Up to that point, she had only found Brenda and Bill dead.

23. When Mrs. Voorhees is telling Alice about Jason drowning, you can see a small campfire outside the cabin. Who had the time (and was alive) to make a fire in the rain?

EXPLANATION: The fire you see is just the reflection of the fire burning inside the cabin.

24. Mrs. Voorhees' arms change position when she is lying on the ground after Alice hit her with the frying pan. She falls down with her arms above her head but then in the next shot, her left arm is lying on her chest.

25. When Alice screams and "swings the machete" at Mrs. Voorhees' head, if you look closely, you can see that she is not actually holding the machete in her hand.

26. When Alice decapitates Mrs. Voorhees, she swings the machete into the LEFT side of Pamela's neck. But the neck opens up on Pamela's RIGHT side, making it look like Alice just knocked Mrs. Voorhees' head off.

27. After Alice chops Mrs. Voorhees' head off and is about to get into the canoe, she turns around and stares right at the camera for 1 or 2 seconds.

28. Also during that scene, Alice gets in the canoe and paddles out into the lake. The canoe is empty. However, as it had been raining all night, the canoe should have had puddles of water inside it.

29. The movie is supposed to be taking place in the summer, but right before Jason jumps up and attacks Alice, in the background the leaves on the trees are fall colors.

30. When Alice is in the hospital, the nurse standing to the left of her bed flicks her eyes to look directly at the camera just as the police officer is about to talk to Alice.

31. Actress Laurie Bartram's name is misspelled on the movie box. It reads "Laurie Bartham."

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