1. What was the name of the Mountain Man's parrot?

2. What did Jamie write on her chalkboard in the beginning?

3. What did the note say that got thrown through the window?

4. What was the name of the store that Rachel and Tina went to?

5. What was the name of the Halloween party Jamie was a part of?

6. What did Tina ask Michael for in the car?

7. What clue did Jamie give that led them to Tina at the gas station?

8. What was the name of the gas station where they found Tina?

9. Where was the location of the gas station, given by the officer?

10. Where was the location of the big Halloween party near the end?


1. The Mountain Man's parrot was named Snookie.
2. Jamie wrote, "He's Coming For Me" on her chalkboard.
3. The note said, "The Evil Child Must Die!"
4. The store was called the "Quick Food Mart."
5. Jamie was part of the "Goblin Costume Pageant."
6. Tina asked Michael for a kiss, unaware it is Michael Myers, and not her boyfriend Michael.
7. The clue was that on the woman, there were two giant cookies, which was what she tried to tell them.
8. The gas station was called Dale's Gas Station.
9. The location read by the officer was "5th and Main."
10. The location of the party was at the Tower Farm.

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