1. What was the name of the sanitarium where Michael was moved from in the beginning?

2. What was the name of the garage that Loomis first encountered Michael at?

3. What was the name of the store that Lindsey said was "having a sale on Halloween costumes?"

4. What was the name of the store where Brady and Kelly worked at?

5. What did it say on the Reverend's license plate when he picked up Loomis?

6. What type of hat was the mobster wearing when they talked to Sheriff Meeker...and what did it say?

7. What was the school nickname for Haddonfield High School?

8. What did it say on Kelly's shirt when she got together with Brady?

9. What was Rachel's last name?

10. What was significant about Jamie's Halloween costume?


1. The sanitarium was Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium (and not Richmond).
2. The garage/restaurant was called Penney's.
3. The name of the store was the Discount Mart.
4. Brady and Kelly worked at Vincent Drug Store.
5. The license plate said "Amen."
6. The mobster was wearing a Peterbilt baseball hat.
7. The Haddonfield school nickname was the Huskers.
8. Kelly's shirt said, "Cops Do It By The Book".
9. Rachel's last name was Carruthers.
10. Jamie's costume was of a clown, the same kind Michael wore when he killed his sister in 1963.

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