1. What city did Ellie say she was from?

2. What was the name of the Gas Station in Santa Mira?

3. What was the name of the hotel that Challis & Ellie stay at?

4. Where was Marge Guttman from and where was her store located?

5. Where were the Kupfer's from?

6. What was Cochran's explanation for Marge's death?

7. What type of community was Santa Mira?

8. What time was the Santa Mira curfew?

9. What year was Santa Mira founded?

10. What did Buddy Kupfer tell Challis about Cochran?


1. Ellie said she was from Los Angeles.
2. The Gas Station was called Rafferty's Deluxe.
3. The hotel was called the Rose of Shannon.
4. Marge Guttman was from San Francisco and her store was located in Union Square.
5. The Kupfer's were from San Diego.
6. Cochran told Challis & Ellie that she would be fine, then told Rafferty that it was a "misfire."
7. Santa Mira was an Irish farming town.
8. The Santa Mira curfew was 6 p.m.
9. Santa Mira was founded in 1887.
10. Buddy Kupfer told Challis that Cochran was the "genius of the practical joke".

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