1. What medicine did Dr. Loomis tell Marion to give Michael when they took him before the judge?

2. What was written on Marion Chambers' matchbook?

3. What did Laurie's dad do for a living?

4. What garage did the truck driver that Michael killed work for?

5. What item stuck out that was sitting on Laurie's dresser?

6. What song did Annie and Laurie listen to in the car?

7. What was Sheriff Brackett's first name?

8. What was Lynda's last name?

9. What model of car were the police cars?

10. What two movies did Tommy and Lindsey watch over the course of the night?


1. Dr. Loomis prescribed Thorazine.
2. Her matchbook said "Rabbit in Red".
3. Laurie's dad was a realtor, owning "Strode Realty".
4. The truck driver worked for Phelps Garage.
5. A Raggedy Ann doll stuck out the most.
6. Annie and Laurie listened to Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper".
7. Sheriff Brackett's first name was Leigh.
8. Lynda's last name was Van Der Klok.
9. The police cars were Dodge's.
10. They watched "The Thing" and "Forbidden Planet".

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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