Dr. Loomis: "Get Out Of The House...Quickly!"

Dr. Loomis: "How Many People Did He Kill Last Year...Have You Forgotten???"

Dr. Loomis: "I Prayed That He Would Burn In Hell...But I Knew Hell Would Not Have Him!!!"

Tina: "They Should Ban Halloween In This Town..."

Dr. Loomis: "We Both Know He's Alive...But You Know Where He Is!!!"

Dr. Loomis: "Why Are You Protecting Him???"

Dr. Loomis: "Have You Come Home, Michael?"

Spitz: "You Gonna Pull Around Back, Or Should We Both Just Get Busted Out Front???"

Mike: "You Wanna Play??? Trick or Treat!!!"

Tina: "I Just Love Barbaric Men!"

Tina: "The Old Silent Treatment, Huh Mike?"

Tina: "Michael, Don't I Even Get A Kiss?"

Cop: "Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt With That Thing!!!"

Dr. Loomis: "It Will Destroy You Too...This Rage..."

Dr. Loomis: "Michael, Go Home...GO HOME!!!"

Jamie: "Let Me See..."

Jamie: "You Look Just Like Me..."

Dr. Loomis: "You Want Her? Here She Is!!!"

Dr. Loomis: "DIE! DIE! DIE!"

Jamie: "He'll Never Die..."

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