Children: "Trick or Treat!"

Judith: "Michael?!!!"

Mr. Myers: "Michael?"

Dr. Loomis: "He Hasn't Spoken A Word In 15 Years..."

Dr. Loomis: "The Evil Is Gone!"

Dr. Loomis: "Two Roadblocks And All-Points Bulletin Wouldn't Stop A Five-Year-Old..."

Children: "The Boogeyman Is Coming!"

Annie: "Hey Jerk, Speed Kills!"

Sheriff Brackett: "Everyone's Entitled To One Good Scare..."

Dr. Loomis: "He Came Home..."

Dr. Loomis' Speech To Sheriff Brackett

Dr. Loomis: "I Met Him 15 Years Ago...I Was Told There Was Nothing Left..."

Dr. Loomis: "He Had The Blackest Eyes...The Devil's Eyes..."

Dr. Loomis: "What Was Living Behind That Boy's Eyes Was Purely And Simply...Evil..."

Tommy: "The Boogeyman's Outside, Look!!!"

Annie: "No Tricks For Annie Tonight..."

Dr. Loomis: "Hey Lonny, Get Your Ass Away From There..."

Sheriff Brackett: "I Have A Feeling That You're Way Off On This..."
Dr. Loomis: "You Have The Wrong Feeling..."

Dr. Loomis: "Death Has Come To Your Little Town, Sheriff..."

Sheriff Brackett: "You're Telling Me They're Lined Up For A Slaughterhouse?"
Dr. Loomis: "They Could Be..."

Sheriff Brackett: "Damn You For Letting Him Go!"

Lynda: "See Anything You Like?!"

Lynda: "Can't I Get Your Ghost, Bob?"

Laurie: "I'll Kill Ya If This Is A Joke!"

Laurie: "Was That The Boogeyman?"
Dr. Loomis: "As A Matter Of Fact, It Was..."

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