1. Jamie's silence in Halloween 5 is similar to Laurie not being able to speak in Halloween II.

2. Jamie's attempted escape from the building (when she runs into the maintenance guy and the nurse) is similar to how Laurie escaped Michael in the hospital basement in Halloween II.

3. In Halloween, Michael stole Judith's tombstone. In Halloween 5, Michael stole a coffin.

4. When Jamie is acting as bait for Michael, she is brushing her hair. When Michael killed Judith in Halloween, she too was brushing her hair. Maybe this was used as a ploy to get Michael to come to her.

5. When Michael is stalking Jamie at the top of the stairs in Halloween 5, it is very similar to how he stood at the top of the stairs stalking Laurie in Halloween.

6. When Loomis is beating Michael with a board at the end, he yells "Die! Die! Die!" Where have we heard that before? Try Friday the 13th Part 4, when Tommy yells, "Die! Die! Die!" as he kills Jason with the machete.

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