1. What brand of cigarettes did Madison smoke?

2. What song was playing on the radio to greet Sherry as she woke up on Halloween morning?

3. What was Dayna's nickname at school?

4. What sport did Sherry and Brandon both participate in at Haddonfield High?

5. What drink did Sheriff Barnes order at the Field Lounge?

6. What was Sheriff Barnes' connection to biker president Caleb Wilkes?

7. What type and color of car did Dayna drive?

8. What book was John Loomis reading on Halloween during his incarceration at Smith's Grove?

9. What costumes did Sienna and Connor wear as a couple?

10. What prize did Brandon win for Sherry at the Strongman Tower?


1. Madison smoked Camels.
2. Sherry was greeted by Warren Zevon's 'Werewolves Of London'.
3. Dayna's nickname was 'The Third Musketeer' (along with Sherry and Sienna).
4. Both Sherry and Brandon ran track for Haddonfield High.
5. Sheriff Barnes ordered a seltzer water.
6. Sheriff Barnes went to the police academy with Caleb's son Gregory.
7. Dayna drove a blue Chevrolet Cavalier.
8. John Loomis was reading Anthony Burgess' 'A Clockwork Orange'.
9. Sienna was Little Red Riding Hood, and Connor was The Big Bad Wolf.
10. Brandon won Sherry a stuffed pumpkin.

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