1. Which officer questioned Madison before she was taken to the hospital?

2. Why was it so hard for Sheriff Robinson and the police force to see in the woods?

3. What was the name of the patch of woods that Sheriff Robinson led his men through?

4. What was Dr. Loomis' room number in the hospital?

5. What was Mark's Halloween costume?

6. What two colors were used for code names at the hospital during the emergencies?

7. How did Sonny know to go to Haddonfield Memorial?

8. What object were each of Madison's dead friends holding in her dream?

9. What was Dr. Loomis' plan to stop Michael?

10. Who saved Madison from falling off the roof of the hospital?


1. Officer Kirsch questioned Madison before she went to the hospital.
2. An unusually thick fog rolled in, blinding the police force.
3. The woods were named "Billow's Woods".
4. Dr. Loomis' room number was 116.
5. Mark's Halloween costume was of Captain Jack Sparrow.
6. Codes white and black were used at the hospital during the emergencies.
7. Sonny found Sheriff Robinson's cell phone, and Loomis told him to go to HMH.
8. Madison's dead friends were holding jack-o-lanterns in her dream.
9. Dr. Loomis planned to euthanize Michael.
10. Sonny saved Madison from falling off the roof at the last second.

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