1. What branch of the military did guard Joe Popchack serve in?

2. What chore was Madison doing when Kayla called her about the party?

3. What was Tim's winning poker hand?

4. What was Madison's favorite song, played before she went to the mall?

5. What costume did Eddie jokingly consider buying?

6. What type of car did Tim have?

7. What costumes did Chris and Kayla wear?

8. What was Tony's favorite beer?

9. What movie did Madison rent to watch with Sherry?

10. How did Michael hear about the Halloween party?


1. Guard Joe Popchack served in the Navy.
2. Madison was raking leaves when Kayla called her.
3. Tim had the 'Dead Man's Hand', six's over aces.
4. Madison's favorite song was Korn's 'Did My Time'.
5. Eddie jokingly considered buying a clown costume.
6. Tim had a white Pontiac Sunfire.
7. Chris and Kayla dressed up as Tarzan and Jane.
8. Tony's favorite beer was Heineken.
9. Madison rented the 'Dawn of the Dead' re-make.
10. He heard it when he mistakenly answered Tim's cell phone.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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