1. What was Christine's involvement with the school newspaper?

2. What magazine was Eddie reading when Christine called him about his documentary?

3. What was Eddie's favorite snack?

4. What was Christine's goals for college?

5. What was the name of the exit the group took to arrive at Smith's Grove?

6. What was Stanley's reluctant nickname?

7. Who trashed Christine's clothing, hoping to ruin her first report?

8. What was Brandon's "little surprise" that was supposed to lift Julie's spirits?

9. What did Michael grab when he was on the prowl, returning to the hospital?

10. How did Dr. Blackwell attempt to fool Michael in the book's climactic scene?


1. Christine was the editor of the school newspaper.
2. Eddie was reading Fangoria when Christine called.
3. Eddie's favorite snack was french fries from the local diner.
4. Christine wanted to study journalism in college and become a famous reporter.
5. The exit was the Sleepy Hollow exit, an homage to the famous story.
6. Stanley's reluctant nickname was Goob.
7. Maggie trashed Christine's clothing in an act of jealousy.
8. Brandon's "little surprise" was a bottle of wine.
9. Michael grabbed Jason's severed head.
10. Dr. Blackwell attempted to fool Michael using the hospital's PA system.

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