1. When was the town of Haddonfield founded?

2. What type of vehicle did Matt own?

3. What was Matt's nickname for Jake?

4. What was the name of Jake's live band that performed at the party?

5. What did Lori and Sally ultimately do their history project on?

6. What occupation did both of Jake's parents hold?

7. What tune did the bass player start to play during Jake and Lori's fight?

8. What did Lori and Sally dress as for their Halloween party?

9. What was the name of the original song that the band played at the party?

10. What decoration ends up falling and pinning most of the partiers as they tried to escape?


1. Lori and Sally found out that Haddonfield was founded in the 1800s.
2. Matt owned a red Jeep.
3. Matt called Jake the 'rebel without a clue'.
4. Jake's band was called 'Zen'.
5. Lori and Sally's history project was on the Declaration Of Independence.
6. Jake's parents were both art dealers and importers and traveled a lot.
7. The bass player started playing the funeral march.
8. Lori's costume was of a black cat, and Sally was Cleopatra.
9. The band played a song called 'Boogeyman', written by Jake just for the occasion.
10. A large spider web crashed from the ceiling, pinning most of the partiers trying to escape.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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