1. This novel starts 10 years after the events of the first two novels, something that echoes 'Halloween 4', in that it takes places 10 years after the first two films.

2. Madison hides from Michael in the closet, just like Laurie in the original. She even drops an F-bomb when she realizes it's her last resort, something Laurie did in 'H20'.

3. Of course, the Rabbit in Red Lounge was a focal point of the original film as well as Rob Zombie's remake.

4. Michael breaks through the door at the Rabbit in Red just like he did in 'Resurrection', when he broke into Laurie's room.

5. Michael escapes the scene and flees into the woods, just like he did at the end of H20/beginning of 'Resurrection'.

6. Madison had basically devolved into an identical twin of Deborah Myers from Rob Zombie's remake.

7. Sheriff Barnes yelling, "NO! NO! NO!" was just like Dr. Sam Loomis, who did the same at the conclusion of 'Halloween 4'.

8. In Chapter 1, Deputy Forster tells Barnes it is a "bloodbath", just like Dr. Koplenson in Rob Zombie's remake,

9. Also in that chapter, Barnes asks Forster, "what's the count?" just like Officer Hunt did at the end of 'Halloween II (1981)'.

10. Barnes lowering Madison's eyelids was similar to when Sheriff Brackett did the same to his daughter Annie at the beginning of 'Halloween II (1981)'.

11. WWAR News, the news team covering the murders, was the same station from 'Halloween II' (1981).

12. DJ Drake's character was a tribute to Barry Simms from 'Halloween 6'.

13. Laurie wearing a black trench coat and fedora was similar to The Man In Black from 'Halloween 5' and 6.

14. The Paragons Of Perdition motorcycle club were patterned after the Sons Of Anarchy, from the hit FX drama.

15. In their travels, the bikers meet the infamous crossroads where Dr. Sam Loomis tried to call and warn the town about Michael in the original film. Also in that scene, the 'Haddonfield 73' mile marker was featured from the original film.

16. The character of Brian 'Bonzo' Bonham was named after John Bonham, the late drummer of Led Zeppelin. His brother, Boyd, was named after Boyd Crowder from the FX western drama 'Justified'.

17. The bikers mention Langdon, which was where the opening scenes of 'H20' took place. They are also based in Pontiac, which is where Tommy Doyle asked about in the bus station in 'Halloween 6'.

18. Coraline Piati telling her young volunteer, "watch it, Chrissy!" is a tribute to the HBO mob drama 'The Sopranos', where Paulie told Christopher the same thing.

19. The surprise giveaway (that never materialized), as well as the goofy TV and radio commercials and the pumpkin, witch, and skull masks, were all tributes to 'Halloween III'.

20. Officer Lauder was named after Harold Lauder, a character in Stephen King's 'The Stand'. The other character named after this epic novel was Dayna Jordan, who was named after Dayna Jurgens.

21. During a conversation about John Loomis, Officer Templeton tells his partner he's "not dead...just very much incarcerated". This was a play on Dr. Sam Loomis' line from 'Halloween 6' when he says, "not dead...just very much retired".

22. The intent with having John Loomis locked up and treated the way he was at Smith's Grove was so that it would basically put him through the same experience Michael was during his incarceration.

23. Nurse Margery Cheeks gave Sam Loomis thorazine, just like Sam Loomis prescribed for Michael in the original film.

24. During a conversation, Avery the orderly tells his compadre Carl, "That girl. That Madison girl. Someone gutted her like a fish". This is a play on the line from 'Halloween II' (1981), where Marion Chambers tells Dr. Loomis, "That girl. That Strode girl. That's Michael Myers' sister".

25. John Loomis having flashbacks to 'Hell's Night' 1 and 2 is similar to Laurie Strode in 'Halloween II' (1981).

26. The character Logan Dean was named after Susannah and Eddie Dean from Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' novel series. Another character tribute from that series was Blaine Babcock, who was named after Blaine the monorail from 'The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands'.

27. The chat about fate and destiny in class was similar to the original film and 'H20'.

28. Some infamous landmarks from 'Hell's Night' 1 and 2 were again mentioned in this novel. They include Billow's Woods, The Field Lounge, The Haddonfield Mill, and the Baker Estate.

29. The Tower Farm was again referenced, a tribute to 'Halloween 5'.

30. The character of Seth White was named after Carrie White from Stephen King's first novel, 'Carrie'. Diane Moulson's costume was also patterned after Carrie as well.

31. The character of Wade Robertson was named after the Robertson family on TV's 'Duck Dynasty'.

32. Wade Robertson's costume of The Joker was patterned after the version portrayed by Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight'. However, his famous quotes came from Jack Nicholson's 1989 version.

33. The character of Caleb Wilkes was named after Annie Wilkes, the villainess from Stephen King's 'Misery'.

34. The bikers carrying on as a mob was similar to the angry mob that left the bar and took on Michael in 'Halloween 4'.

35. Sienna mentions she got her costume at the Discount Mart, the same place Rachel took Jamie to get hers in 'Halloween 4'.

36. John Loomis read Anthony Burgess' 'A Clockwork Orange' while incarcerated at Smith's Grove. In the film version, the lead was played by Malcolm McDowell, who later portrayed Dr. Sam Loomis in Rob Zombie's remake and its sequel.

37. The dynamic between Dr. Starks and John Loomis was similar to the dynamic between Dr. Sam Loomis and Michael Myers, in that the doctor thought the patient was the most dangerous he'd ever seen and would do anything to keep him locked up.

38. Dr. Starks mentioned a rehab facility in Santa Mira (a tribute to the town in 'Halloween III'), as well as the maximum security ward in Ridgemont (where Michael was taken from in the beginning of 'Halloween 4').

39. When Dr. Starks orders John Loomis shot up with thorazine, Max the orderly tells him, "he'll barely be able to stand up". Starks replies, "that's the idea". This was a play on the conversation between Dr. Sam Loomis and Marion Chambers in the original film.

40. The horn blaring at the Haddonfield Mill at quitting time on Halloween was similar to the horn at the factory from 'Halloween III'.

41. Brandon showing up with a pumpkin and telling Sherry, "I thought we'd do this right" is similar to what Will did to Keri Tate (Laurie) in 'H20'.

42. One of the trick-or-treaters was dressed as Sam from the popular holiday film 'Trick 'R Treat'. Other costumes included the Little Red Riding Hood (Sienna) and the Big Bad Wolf (Connor), who referenced the classic tale 'The 3 Little Pigs'.

43. Sherry and Brandon sitting on their doorstep passing out candy is similar to the Strode Family from Rob Zombie's remake.

44. Michael hiding behind the bush was an homage to the classic image from the original film.

45. The biker gang taking a "Mr. Mayhem" vote was again, similar to the Sons Of Anarchy TV show.

46. The title of Chapter 14, 'Commence Au Festival', was a classic line delivered by Jack Nicholson's Joker in 'Batman' (1989).

47. John Loomis' escape mirrored Michael's from the original film.

48. Michael following the road sign to the festival in town was similar to 'Halloween II' (1981), when he followed the road sign to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

49. The infamous '2 Michaels' scene was a parody of the laughable scene in 'Resurrection'.

50. Sienna inadvertently calls Michael a jerk, just like Annie did in the original film.

51. Town locations referenced from 'Halloween II' (1981) include the Lost River and Old Reservoir Road.

52. Connor joked about Brandon's stuffed pumpkin, calling it 'The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown', from the classic cartoon.

53. Connor yelling "Puke-N-Rally!" is a tribute to the football drama 'Varsity Blues', where Billy Bob delivered the same line.

54. Another tribute costume included Dayna, who portrayed Ginger from 'Ginger Snaps', which Sienna mistakenly refers to as Angela from 'Night Of The Demons' (1988). Later, Dayna tells Connor she's a "god-damned force of nature", a play on the classic line delivered by Ginger.

55. Connor refers to Sherry, Sienna and Dayna as 'Dumb, Dumber, And Dumbest', a play on the title of the film 'Dumb And Dumber'.

56. During the festival, one of the carnies is overheard asking, "now where's that other mallet?" This is a tribute to 'Friday The 13th Part 3', when Edna wonders the same thing about her needle.

57. Principal Simpson's kill was patterned after Debra Strode's from 'Halloween 6'.

58. Principal Simpson being blinded by water and reaching for a towel, only to be handed one by The Shape, is similar to Tim from 'Halloween 6', who did the same thing getting out of the shower.

59. Sheriff Barnes tells Deputy Forster, "I'll check back in an hour", a line also delivered by Sheriff Brackett in the original film when talking to Dr. Sam Loomis.

60. Connor refers to Dayna as Lydia Deetz, an obvious reference to Tim Burton's film 'Beetlejuice'. He also calls her Marilyn Munster and her car the Dragula, referring to the classic TV show 'The Munsters'.

61. While in costume, Diane tells Wade, "Oh I love purple!", a reference to the famous Vicki Vale quote from 'Batman' (1989). Other famous quotes from the film are spread throughout the novel. Can you find them all?

62. Just like in 'Halloween 6', a little girl in a pink dress finds a dead body. Only this time, it wasn't Barry Simms. It was Principal Simpson. In addition to that, later, blood drips down onto Diane Moulson before finding the severed heads of the tech students, which was also similar to that scene.

63. When all hell breaks loose, Sheriff Barnes asks his deputy, "I wonder if you'd be kind enough to bring me back my daughter?" This is a tribute to the film 'Jurassic Park', when John Hammond asks Muldoon, "I wonder if you'd be kind enough to bring me back my grandchildren?"

64. Further proof that Dayna was a fan of the TV show 'Dr. Who', she referred to her car as the Whovian, and had a bumper sticker on it that read, 'My Other Car Is A Tardis'.

65. When talking to Dayna, Connor calls her "toots". Backtracking, he tries something nicer, and says, "babe?" This is a tribute to the original 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' (1990), when Casey Jones said the same things to April O'Neil.

66. Michael watches Connor and Dayna hook up the same way he watched Bob and Lynda in the original film.

67. Michael hiding in plain sight as a scarecrow is similar to 'Jeepers Creepers 2', when The Creeper did the same thing.

68. Dayna compared Michael (as a scarecrow) to The Scarecrow from 'Wizard Of Oz', thinking of the song, 'If I Only Had A Brain'.

69. Michael wearing a second mask and using a sickle are both similarities to 'Halloween 5'.

70. The rave scene and subsequent massacre is similar to the rave scene from 'Freddy Vs. Jason'.

71. Sheriff Barnes finding the Smith's Grove car was similar to when Dr. Sam Loomis found it in the original film. Both times, all hell broke loose soon after.

72. Diane Moulson's death was similar to Nurse Jill's from 'Halloween II' (1981).

73. Using Sherry as bait to lure Michael into the open field was similar to when the FBI did the same thing with one of their agents in 'Jason Goes To Hell'.

74. Deputy Forster checking Michael's pulse was similar to when the Marshal did the same in 'Halloween II' (1981). Unfortunately for Forster, the end results were the same, too.

75. In Chapter 27, Caleb asks Sherry, "what are we dealing with here?" Her reply, just like Dr. Sam Loomis' in 'Halloween 4', was simply, "evil".

77. Just like in 'Halloween' (1978), a Dr. Loomis shows up to save the day. Only this time, things play out much differently for John than they did for his uncle Sam.

78. John Loomis telling Sheriff Barnes, "It was Michael Myers" is an homage to the same line from 'Halloween 4', where Sam Loomis revealed the info to the angry town mob.

79. The line, "Sheriff...Sheriff, wait!" said by John Loomis is a tribute to 'Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives', where Tommy delivers the same line.

80. At the end of Chapter 29, John Loomis states, "It's his game. And I know where he wants to play it", similar to 'Halloween 6', when Sam Loomis said the same thing about Dr. Wynn.

81. The line, "He may not be able to see us, but he can certainly hear us" delivered by John Loomis is an homage to 'Halloween 5', when Sam Loomis stated the same thing to Sheriff Meeker during their sting operation.

82. Michael kneeling by Laurie's grave is similar to Rob Zombie's remake, when Michael actually knelt before his sister in the basement.

83. Loomis pleading with Michael to stop, and take him as his final sacrifice is similar to Sam Loomis, who attempted the same thing in 'Halloween 4' and 5.

84. Sheriff Barnes rams Michael with his car, just like Laurie did with the van in 'H20'.

85. Hoping to jog Michael's memory, Laurie repeats some of her lines from 'Resurrection', including "Hello, Michael..." and "Are you afraid to die?"

86. Laurie was again stabbed in the arm, just like in the original film and 'H20'.

87. At the end of Chapter 31, Sherry tells Sienna that "you made it!", a play on an alternate ending of 'Halloween II' (1981), where Jimmy survives and Laurie exclaims, "we made it!"

88. Also at the end of Chapter 31, Laurie tells Sherry and Sienna that she "has a little business to attend to first", a tribute to the last line delivered by Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis in 'Halloween 6'.

89. In the epilogue, the landmark Harlow Hill was named after Harlow Marks, the actor who portrayed Bucky the power worker in 'Halloween 4'.

90. At the very conclusion of the novel, Laurie sings a familiar tune, canting, "I wish I had you all alone...just the two of us", which happens to be what she sang during her (unknowing) first encounter with Michael at the Myers House in the original film.

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