1. This novel starts by re-living the end of the first Hell's Night, similar to how Halloween II started by reliving the end scene of the first Halloween.

2. Most of the characters in the hospital are similar to the characters in the hospital in Halloween II.

3. The character of Duke was based on the character of Mr. Garrett from Halloween II.

4. The news report that everyone at the hospital watches is based on the one the nurses and orderlies watch in Halloween II.

5. The townspeople losing faith in the police force and trying to hunt down Michael themselves is similar to Halloween 4.

6. Sheriff Robinson calling in help from the National Guard is similar to how Sheriff Meeker called in help from the State Police in Halloween 4.

7. Brandi and Mark's love scene in the Tower Farm barn is similar to the barn love scene with Spitz and Samantha in Halloween 5.

8. Michael's entrance to the hospital is similar to Halloween: H20, when he pulls up to the gate and abandons his vehicle, then sneaks in behind the guard when he shows up to check on it.

9. The abandoned police station set up was just like Halloween 4, only this time the officers weren't all left there butchered; they were scattered throughout Billow's Woods.

10. When D.J. slips and falls on blood in the basement, it is similar to when Jimmy did the same thing looking for Mrs. Alves in the hallways in Halloween II.

11. Dr. Kennedy's character is based on the character of Dr. Mixter from Halloween II, complete with an aquarium.

12. Officer Weber's death (bludgeoned with a rock) is similar to 'Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives', when Sheriff Garris tries to kill Jason with a rock before he is broken in half.

13. Jerry's death (pinned to a door with a butcher knife) is similar to both Bob's death in the original 'Halloween', but also Rudy's death in 'Halloween: Resurrection'.

14. The lights flashing red during the Code Black is similar to the final chase sequence of Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers, when Michael is stalking Tommy, Kara, and Danny down the hallway under red light.

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