1. The two guards killed in the beginning were similar to the two guards killed at the beginning of Halloween: Resurrection.

2. Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium is a focal point throughout the story. This continues the use of the sanitarium that was used throughout the film series.

3. The character of Madison is basically an updated version of Laurie Strode.

4. The party setting is similar to the one at the campus in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

5. The couple Chris and Kayla are very similar to Tina and Mike from Halloween 5.

6. Dr. Starks is the latest in the long line of doctors to ignore warnings about Michael. (Dr. Wynn, Dr. Hoffman, etc.)

7. The coloring book Michael had while locked up is similar to the ones planted by Freddie and Dangertainment during Halloween: Resurrection.

8. Tim dressing up as Michael is similar to when Freddie dressed up as Michael in Halloween: Resurrection.

9. Madison and Kayla were best friends, similar to Laurie, Lynda and Annie.

10. Sheriff Robinson is the latest sheriff attempting to stop Michael. The others (Brackett and Meeker) of course, failed.

11. The Robinson House was the Doyle House when Michael originally attacked in 1978.

12. Kayla's house was the Wallace House when Michael originally attacked in 1978.

13. Madison babysitting is similar to Laurie and Annie, who each did so in the original Halloween.

14. John Loomis going to Sheriff Robinson is similar to when Sam Loomis went to Sheriffs Brackett and Meeker throughout the series.

15. The group going costume shopping is similar to when Rachel took Jamie in Halloween 4.

16. The Chordettes' song "Mr. Sandman" was heard in the background at the mall. It, of course, was used in Halloween II and H20.

17. Eddie's clown costume is similar to Michael's as a boy and Jamie's in Halloween 4.

18. Michael continues his tradition of driving in this novel, like he did in most of the other movies.

19. John Loomis going to the cemetery is similar to when Sam Loomis went to the cemetery after the gravemarker was stolen in the original Halloween.

20. John Loomis waiting for Michael in the cemetery is similar to Halloween 5, when Sam Loomis waited for Michael at his house.

21. John Loomis was taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital after nearly being buried alive. That is where most of Halloween II took place.

22. Madison and Sherry watching "Dawn of the Dead" is similar to when the Elrod's watched "Night of the Living Dead" in Halloween II.

23. Michael picking up Tim's cell phone and listening is similar to when Michael listened to Laurie on the phone in the original Halloween.

24. Eddie's strangling death is similar to Annie's, who was strangled and stabbed in the original Halloween.

25. Chris and Kayla's love scene is similar to Bob and Lynda's in the original Halloween.

26. The innocent character of Sherry is basically a combination of both Tommy and Lindsay from the original Halloween.

27. Michael stalking Madison at the end is similar to when he stalked Laurie at the end of Halloween I and II.

28. In the end, Michael gets shot and escapes. This is just like the original Halloween, where Sam Loomis shot Michael and he escaped.

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