1. When Mary is initially attacked at the house by Michael, he cuts the power and approaches in much the same manner as he did his sister Judith in the original film.

2. Mary goes and gets her gypsy costume at Johnson's Department Store, which sounded eerily similar to the drug store from Halloween 4 and 5, where Rachel took Jamie for her costume.

3. The empty mall setting and the ensuing chaos is similar to that of George Romero's film 'Dawn Of The Dead' (1978).

4. The drunk teen with the clown mask is a nod to the original film, when young Michael wore a clown mask to kill his sister Judith.

5. In Chapter 12, Kimmy says, "it's only a movie...only a movie". This is a tag line used for the film 'The Last House On The Left' (1972).

6. During Michael's final chase scene with Mary, she hides in the closet, just like Laurie did in the original film.

7. The space underneath the house where Michael was hiding or living was similar to 'Halloween: Resurrection'. In fact, since this book came first, perhaps they used this idea in the film?

8. Mary goes through the 'find the dead friends' routine throughout the house, the same way Laurie did with Annie and Lynda in the original film.

9. Michael's escape at the end of the book is similar to the end of the first film, where there was a point-of-view shot from Michael's perspective as he evades the authorities.

10. The main characters in this book were similar to the first one. In addition to that, the party setting in this one very closely resembled the party in the first book.

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