1. A lot of the similarities in the book were well thought-out by the author to relate it to the holiday, but she needs to check her facts. She states that police shot Michael 6 times and threw him out a window. We all know that it was Dr. Loomis who shot him, and Michael fell out of that window. She also has the number of deaths wrong when relating it to the fourth and fifth films. She says there were 12 massacred, when in fact, there were 18 (Halloween 4) and 20 (Halloween 5) in each film, respectively. Still, a nice effort to tie the films in.

2. There were several scenes cleverly described by the author where Michael is lurking in the background, especially under the cover of darkness. She hit the nail on the head with these, and really gave me the essence of what 'Halloween' is all about.

3. In Chapter 5, Lori gets an obscene phone call with heavy breathing later revealed to be Michael. This is similar to when Annie called Laurie in the original film and gave her her infamous chewing over the phone.

4. Also in Chapter 5, Lori is followed home with Michael stalking her close behind. This is similar to the dynamic of Laurie and Michael in the original film.

5. In Chapter 12, Michael drives by Lori and a group of her friends in a police car. This, of course, is similar to when he drove around town in the Smith's Grove car in the original film.

6. In Chapter 18, Matt enters the dark Myers House to look around just like Laurie when she went across the street to check on Lynda and Bob in the original film. The author even described the scene perfectly to match the original, talking about how Matt slowly ascends the stairs and sees a vague light at the end of the hall. He also ultimately finds a body, much like Laurie did when Michael finally attacked.

7. The character of Chief Grandy is a nod to that of Sheriffs Brackett and Meeker, kind of a combination of both.

8. When Michael and Matt fight, Matt sticks Michael in the eye with a knife. At that point, Michael starts swinging his knife wildly, just like Michael did in the hospital in 'Halloween II', after Laurie shot him in the eyes.

9. Lori's Halloween party is similar to the Tower Farm party in 'Halloween 5', minus the farm of course.

10. Jake's band sings a song titled "Boogeyman" in Chapter 21, which of course, is what Michael is referred to as in several of the films.

11. Michael hiding in the background of the town hall behind Sally is similar to when he stalked Annie outside the house while she was babysitting and on the phone with her boyfriend Paul in the original film.

12. Marsha scares Sally dressed as Michael in Chapter 22, which has been done in several of the 'Halloween' films, including 'Resurrection'.

13. In Chapter 27, Matt slips and falls flat on his back on some spilled fruit punch. This is a nod to 'Halloween II', when Jimmy slipped and fell on a pool of blood in the hospital.

14. Later in that same chapter, the author refers to a girl in a clown costume. This is a nod to Michael's original costume as a boy, and would have been a nod to Rob Zombie's remake, but this book came out long before that film.

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