Madison watched anxiously out the back window of the ambulance as it slowly pulled up in front of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, its lights and sirens ceasing as it came to a halt by the main doors. Despite the commotion of the medic moving around her, she had that same pale, blank look on her face that she had since they left Lampkin Lane.

Along the way, the young EMT, who introduced himself as Barry Balkin, had tried to make conversation with Madison and ease her fears while he treated her, with little success. Despite his efforts, the most he could get out of her were one word answers, as her mind was clearly elsewhere. To Madison, Barry seemed like a nice guy. He was extremely good to her the entire time as he cleaned out her knife wound and elevated her arm in a sling. He even wiped off all the blood, sweat, tears, and dirt that hid her young, beautiful face, so Madison guessed he wasn’t all that bad. She just wished everyone would understand that she didn’t really feel like talking at all.

As soon as the ambulance came to a complete stop, the driver, D.J. Starks, jumped out of the cab and ran to open the back doors. “Here we are sweetheart, now let’s get you inside,” D.J. said calmly, still sporting the same toothpick out of the corner of his mouth as he and Barry gently guided Madison outside of the ambulance.

Taking a deep breath, Madison didn’t reply as they led her up to the entrance. Disoriented, she glanced to her left and right before they went inside, searching for any sign of Tony. She also half-expected to see Michael Myers standing in the shadows staring blankly at her, but he wasn’t. There was only darkness.

As the automatic doors opened extremely slow, a young nurse with short brown hair came running outside holding a clipboard to greet them.

“What do we got here guys?” the young nurse asked, ready to record all the information as the foursome walked through the open sliding doors into the hospital lobby.

“Patient is Madison Mauberry, age 18, resident of Haddonfield with a deep penetrating stab wound and minor head trauma,” Barry said in a calm, professional voice.

“Is that Karen’s daughter?” the nurse inquired.

“Yeah, Katie. Our girl here has been through hell tonight,” D.J. said to Katie Stewart who was rapidly jotting down the information Barry recited to her.

“Tony. Where’s Tony? I need to be with Tony,” Madison gasped nearly hysterical as she broke her silence.

“He arrived just before you did honey, we rushed him up to the ER,” Katie explained, trying to relieve her tension. “I promise I’ll keep you posted and allow you to see him after Dr. Kennedy gives the okay, but for now you need to get looked at.”

“No! I need to be with him now!” Madison shrieked, jumping out of the grasp that Barry had on her. But D.J. was right there, and he managed to grab a hold of her waist before she could run off.

This outburst brought the security guard to his feet from behind the desk. “Everything okay there?” the short, stocky guard questioned in a scruffy voice.

“Yeah, we’re cool Duke,” D.J. responded as he kept a steady grip on Madison.

“Hey Mandy, can you give me a hand here? We’re going to have to sedate her,” Katie yelled down the hall as another nurse came jogging toward them.

“No, please! Don’t sedate me! I’m sorry. I’ve just been thought a lot tonight,” Madison pleaded as she finally relaxed and got a hold of herself.

Katie looked at her doubtfully, but eventually gave in to her request. “Okay, Madison, just please cooperate with us and we will do everything in our power to help you and bring you to your friend as soon as possible.”

Exhaling deeply, Madison just nodded her head in agreement as Katie and Mandy escorted her to an empty room.

Standing nearby, Barry and D.J. exchanged a look that said ‘what next’ when their buzzer went off on their belts, signaling them back to the Robinson house for another pick up. They hoped it would be their last, but deep down they knew it wouldn’t be.

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