Taking a deep breath, Mandy made her way down the short hallway toward the emergency ramp, trying to make sense out of everything that had been happening tonight.

She made it down the hallway in no time and could see the black pickup truck parked eerily out of place on the ramp. The first of two sliding doors opened as she approached, quickly followed by the second as the cold night breeze met her face, sending a chill down her spine.

She pulled together the light pink sweatshirt she had on over her white scrubs and paused to look around the outside. Everything was quiet and still, and the fog was beginning to lift.

“I can’t wait until this shitty night is over. I hate Halloween,” she said to herself as she made her way toward the driver’s seat of the truck.

As she got to the hood of the truck, she suddenly got the weird feeling that she was being watched. Spinning around quickly, Mandy almost expected the boogeyman to be standing behind her. To her relief, there was no one in sight.

“Oh, fuck this,” she said aloud to herself again as she quickly opened the driver’s side door. Reaching inside, she snatched the keys out of the ignition and ran back inside.

Once back inside the safety of the building, her anxiety left her and was replaced with a sense of relief.

Proud of her job well done, she sighed and placed the keys in the front pocket of her sweater. Then, noticing the restroom to her right, she suddenly got the urge to go and hastily entered, thinking that she almost scared the piss out of herself outside.

The door swung shut behind Mandy with a bang. Jumping at the sound, she went to flick the lights on, which were oddly turned off for some reason, and the room instantly illuminated a bright white. For no apparent reason, she chose the last stall, and sat down to do her business.

As soon as she sat down, the lights flickered off.

“Um, hello? I’m in here! Turn the damn lights back on!” Mandy yelled out, but got no response.

“Marissa, is that you? Where the hell did you run off to?” Mandy called out, realizing that Katie would never play a prank on her. Once again, she got no response.

Puzzled, she began to hear the hard footsteps of someone slowly walking toward her, and realized that it couldn’t have been any of the nurses in their soft tennis shoes. These footsteps sounded like boots approaching, which meant it could only be one man.

“D.J.! What the hell are you doing in here?! I swear I’ll kill you if you don’t turn the damn lights back on and get the hell out of here!”

Still, she got no answer.

The room was completely black but her eyes were quickly adjusting from the little moonlight that was shining through the one window high on the wall.

She peered out through the crack between the door and the hinge on the stall and saw the shadow of D.J. looking in at her briefly. For some reason, he was wearing a white Halloween mask.

“D.J., listen, I don’t have time to give you a quick blowjob. If Marissa finds out that we screw around, she’ll murder me. And besides, you better take that damn mask off. Didn’t you hear the code white announced?” Mandy stated as she stood up and quickly wiped herself. Flinging the door open, she expected to see D.J. standing right there with that stupid grin on his face knowing he’d get what he wanted anyway.

However, he was not there, nor anywhere else for that matter.

“D.J.?” she asked quietly, nervous for the first time.

But she quickly dismissed that nervous feeling realizing that D.J. was only playing ‘cat and mouse’ with her. He knew playing hardball like that really got her in the mood.

Playing his game, she quickly jumped over to the next stall door and opened it, but he was not there, either.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” Mandy called out in a playfully seductive voice as she jumped to the next stall trying to surprise him.

He wasn’t in there, either, leaving only one last stall for him to possibly be in.

“Alright, D.J., make it quick okay?” Mandy said in submission, giving in to his stupid game as she slowly opened the stall door. As expected, D.J. was there.

It didn’t take her long to realize that the man standing inside the stall was not D.J. at all, and in that instant, she knew she was staring into the face of death himself.

Mandy opened her mouth to scream, but was quickly cut off as Michael Myers reached out a strong hand and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her off her feet and into the stall. He began to strangle her with only one hand as he pulled her face within inches of his pale white mask. Once he saw the blood rushing to her eyes, he swung her head down and crushed her skull open against the toilet in one vicious blow.

Blood immediately began to rush from her skull and into the toilet as Michael dropped her lifeless body to her knees, her arms flailing, then falling limply to her sides.

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