Matt: This is pretty much the same novel as the first one, with a slightly different plot. The characters are transparent and almost all parallels of those in the first book, and the story was very predictable up until the end. Author Kelly O'Rourke did another good job setting the scene and really gave me the feel of Halloween as a holiday. However, she did little else to impress me. The kills were few and far between and very bland and unimaginative. Every one (only four total) met their fate via the butcher knife. Michael does use other items to dispatch his victims, Kelly. In addition to that, she really didn't capture the essence of the Myers House, even though she states repeatedly that it is remodeled. Remember what happened in the fifth film when the house was supposedly remodeled? Enough said. She also references places in Haddonfield that simply do not exist, like the lake for instance. For a second I thought this was 'Friday The 13th'. I was just praying Jason didn't show up at the lake and fight Michael or something. As for her depiction of Michael, she was way off. He does not growl or have yellow teeth, that was just laughable. And that's before she had him literally running around town. Michael simply does not do that. He is the silent killer that quietly stalks his prey. And, to top it off, she refers to his mask as a "plastic child's mask"...that was the last straw for me. I am hoping the third book is not this bad. It was just not that enjoyable of a read. 2 out of 10.


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