Matt: I've always wanted to read this book series, but could never get my hands on it...until now. Author Kelly O'Rourke does a good job with character development and setting the scene. It really gave me the feel of 'Halloween' the holiday, but she didn't do a whole lot to convince me this was a Michael Myers story. Aside from a few tribute scenes (see the similarities), a lot of the actions Michael did were so uncharacteristic of him as the silent slasher. Michael would never cut a tree down and block a road, and he certainly wouldn't have carried around a jack-o-lantern and gasoline to burn down the city hall. That was really odd to me. And why Michael hesitated during some of the supposed kill scenes baffled me. Aside from that, the characters were well-written for a book of this size, as evidenced by the small number of them. That was clearly O'Rourke's strength, but little else excited me about this novel, including the ending. Why weren't any of the main characters killed off? I hope the others aren't like this. A nice Halloween holiday story for a young teen audience, but as an entry in the hallowed film series, it was a dud. 3 out of 10.


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