1. John Carpenter- Halloween II Main Theme
2. Disturbed- Ten Thousand Fists
3. Korn- Right Now
4. Rob Zombie- Superbeast
5. Megadeth- Symphony Of Destruction
6. Marilyn Manson- The Fight Song
7. Godsmack- The Enemy
8. DMX- Where The Hood At
9. 50 Cent- Gunz Come Out
10. Young Jeezy- Bury Me A G
11. M.O.P.- When Death Becomes You
12. Sevendust- Black
13. Jadakiss- Time's Up
14. L'il Wayne- Clear Tha Set
15. Tony Yayo- Homicide
16. Drowning Pool- Rise Up
17. Linkin Park- Papercut
18. Metallica- Hero Of The Day
19. Ozzy Osbourne- Shot In The Dark
20. All-American Rejects- It Ends Tonight

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