1. John Carpenter- Halloween Main Theme
2. Metallica- Enter Sandman
3. Alice In Chains- Man In The Box
4. Korn- Did My Time
5. Godsmack- Straight Out Of Line
6. Rammstein- Du Hast
7. Drowning Pool- Tear Away
8. The Murderers- Tales From The Darkside
9. Young Buck- Thou Shall
10. G-Unit- Beg For Mercy
11. Obie Trice- We All Die One Day
12. Sevendust- Face To Face
13. White Zombie- I'm Your Boogie Man
14. Slipknot- The Shape
15. Green Day- Basket Case
16. D12- Devil's Night
17. Wu Tang Clan- Y'All Been Warned
18. Creed- Faceless Man
19. Linkin Park- Breaking The Habit
20. Dr. Dre- Murder Ink


21. The Chordettes- Mr. Sandman
22. K.C. & Sunshine Band- I'm Your Boogie Man

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