Shortly after storming out of Dr. Starks’ office, John Loomis found himself staring at the door to the new room of Michael Myers, debating on how to handle the situation.

Nurses watched nervously from the reception desk a few doors down. None of them dared to approach him or even make eye contact. That’s how much John Loomis was both feared and respected at the same time.

After a few long moments of hesitation, John opened the door and walked inside the brightly lit white room and found Michael sitting in a chair next to his window, staring outside as the sun began to set.

“Enjoying the view, Michael?” Loomis asked, not expecting any sort of reply.

Michael never even flinched or blinked at Loomis’s statement. He just sat there staring out the window, but John was able to tell through the reflection in the window that Michael was staring directly at him.

Seeing that made John’s insides shudder out of mere instinct. Of course he’d been in the same room with Michael thousands of times before, but still couldn’t help being even slightly intimidated by him. However, this time was different. This time, he could actually feel Michael’s burning eyes of hate inside his mind, plotting his demise. Or maybe it was just paranoia, but whatever it was, he didn’t like it nor could he let Michael know that he had that effect on him.

“I see you’ve been keeping busy,” Loomis observed as he walked over to a small plastic table with a coloring book on top of it. Flipping through the pages, he expected to find satanic symbols or drawings of dead people, but only found that Michael had colored what was inside the book: a picture of a dog, a house, and the sun. The coloring wasn’t exactly perfect as it was all outside the lines, but the colors were all mixed up. He colored the sun purple, the dog green, and the grass underneath the house red. Still, it was nothing out of the ordinary for him, and certainly nothing he could use as evidence against him.

“You’ve fooled them, haven’t you Michael?” Loomis asked, walking closer to where Michael sat. Michael, however, remained motionless, like Loomis wasn’t even there.

“Well, if you think you’ve fooled me, you’re a fool!” Loomis shouted as he threw the coloring book on the floor in front of Michael’s seat.

Michael instantly bolted up out of his seat and stood only a few feet away from Loomis, staring at him with the same eyes of hate John had been accustomed to.

“Yeah, that’s right Michael, I’m standing right here in front of you with no guards, and you have no restraints. Wouldn’t you just love to crush my skull right now, or strangle me to death? Whatever your cup of tea is, serve it to me right now, serve it ice cold, you son of a bitch!” Loomis growled, trying to keep his voice under a shout, and at the same time hide the fear that was flowing through his veins.

Michael remained motionless.

“What a pussy,” Loomis flatly stated as he turned his back to Michael, surely knowing this would be the end of his life. But at least it would be only his miserable life instead of who knows how many others should this demon escape.

Loomis tensed up with one hand on the ivory handle of his chrome .45, awaiting Michael’s hands to clasp around his throat, but it never happened.

Michael just bent over and picked up his coloring book and placed it neatly back on the table and sat back down on his chair to look out the window.

Loomis sighed with disgust and relief at this, but was still not fooled.

He walked up behind Michael’s chair and simply whispered, “I’ll be waiting for you,” and left the room with Michael still sitting motionless in the chair, watching and waiting nonetheless.

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