Back at the police station, Sheriff Robinson sulked behind his desk. Rubbing his hand over his face, he took a deep breath and carefully pondered what to do next as a look of extreme exhaustion and confusion began to set in.

Robinson had managed to round up all of the off-duty officers and let them know exactly what was going on, and what they were up against tonight. He made it very clear that he would stop at nothing to bring Michael Myers down, dead or alive. Robinson was also careful to remind them of the massacre that occurred in their very station a few years back at the hands of Myers, and promised them he would not make the same mistakes that other sheriffs made in the past. There would not be a repeat of any past Halloween ordeals. He was going to make sure of that much.

Loading up, all the officers were equipped with their standard issue Berettas, along with a double-barreled shotgun, which was to be no more than an arm’s length away at all times. In addition, the patrolling officers were decked out in their riot gear, complete with fully automatic riot rifles. They were ready for a war.

The telephones at the station rang off the hook all night as frantic townspeople demanded to know what was going on. As the evening progressed, the officers struggled to find the right words to say and the sheriff was beginning to run out of answers.

It was very difficult to explain to them just what was going on without telling them the exact truth. This killed the Sheriff inside, because he always had a good reputation in town as an honest, caring man, and didn’t want to compromise that. However, the safety of the town was more important to him, because he knew if the truth got out that Michael Myers was once again wreaking havoc, the entire town would be in a total uproar.

Leaning back in his chair, he overheard several officers trying to convince the callers that it was not Michael, and to just follow the orders on the television and radio. As good and professional as they sounded, he knew that sooner or later, the townspeople would figure out that it was a bunch of bullshit.

“These people ain’t stupid,” the sheriff said aloud to no one in particular. “They remember the past all too well and it’s only a matter of time before they find out the truth and try and take the law into their own hands.” Hearing that, one officer nearby lifted his head and looked at him, but offered no reply.

Sighing deeply, Sheriff Robinson looked down at his desk at a picture of himself and Sherry from last year’s town fair. He was damn glad that she was safe in Madison’s care tonight. With all the craziness that was going on, she was the only one in town he would trust his daughter with. “I’m sure she’s heard the warning and is taking the proper precautions,” he said aloud to himself again.

“Hey boss,” a young officer asked from across the room as he held his palm over the receiver of the phone. “This is the fifth noise complaint tonight about some party over on Lampkin Lane. Do you think we should check it out?”

“I’m not concerned about noise tonight, damnit,” the sheriff stated. “Tell them that we have very important police business to attend to tonight and it would be appreciated if they didn’t tie up our phone lines with damn noise complaints.”

The officer shrugged and put the phone back up to his ear, as Robinson heard him carefully echo his exact words to the caller. Despite that, the Lampkin noise complaint did worry him, and he decided he better give Madison a quick call to make sure everything was alright.

However, just as he reached for the phone, it rang, and Robinson, surprised, immediately picked up the receiver.

“Sheriff Robinson speaking,” he answered quickly, knowing it must be important.

“Sheriff, this is Dr. Rogers over at Haddonfield Memorial. John Loomis has regained consciousness, and he’s demanding to see you right away.”

“Thank you, I’ll be right there,” the sheriff replied, overwhelmed with joy that there was finally someone who might be able to help him with all this chaos.

The time has come for you to rejoin the fight, doctor, the sheriff thought. I’m just sorry I didn’t listen to you sooner.

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