At the same time Madison was leaving to babysit, Kayla and Chris were busy frantically scattering about getting all of the last minute party decorations done.

“Chris, no listen,” Kayla stated impatiently. “I want the cobwebs to cover that entire wall, not just that little tiny corner you did.”

“But the damn things won’t stretch that far babe,” Chris replied, trying not to sound annoyed with Kayla’s constant orders.

“Yes they will, Chris, now just shut up and do it,” Kayla ordered in her typical ‘do things my way or else’ voice.

Chris didn’t say anything else. He just shot her an angry glare behind her back and continued to struggle with the fake cobwebs.

In the meantime, Kayla was pinning up all sorts of various Halloween decorations on her basement wall, where she hoped the majority of the party would take place. Already, she had pinned up a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf, and was in the process of hanging up a life-sized Frankenstein on the wall opposite Chris.

The DJ she had booked had already been there in the morning to set up his equipment with large speakers, various strobe lights, and a fog machine to go with it. He had done that all in under an hour, and even managed to decorate his equipment with some cobwebs and paper mache pumpkins as well.

So basically, Kayla thought, all that was left now was plugging in a few black lights and putting out some orange-and-black paper plates, along with the matching cups, and everything would be set to go.

“Ouch! Damnit!” Chris shouted from across the room, interrupting her train of thought.

“What?” Kayla asked without even looking toward him, and not sounding a tad bit concerned.

“I burnt my hand on this damn hot water pipe!” Chris groaned.

“Yeah watch out for that,” Kayla informed him, glancing quickly in his direction. “My dad has been meaning to get that insulated, but he never got around to it.”

“He needs to,” Chris responded, shaking his burnt hand like a little kid. “That shit is dangerous.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kayla continued, turning her attention back to Frankenstein. “Are you done with the cobwebs yet? I need you to do something else.”

Glaring at her again, Chris was ready to sarcastically reply, “now what your majesty,” but decided against it. He took a deep breath instead, and decided that if he planned on getting laid tonight, he’d be better off just doing what she said.

So that’s what he did, and before long, everything was finished. Soon, the first guests would be arriving and then it would be party time. And everything would work out smoothly.

For now.


As Kayla finished barking orders to Chris, Tony sat on his front porch steps smoking a Salem cigarette in deep thought.

His thoughts and feelings as of late had been dark and depressing, but now it was different. Ever since yesterday’s encounter with Madison, things just seemed different inside him. He had never been one to express his feelings, but if he had been one of those people, he could have practically been jumping for joy. He was indeed ecstatic that he and Madison were on good terms once again, and that thought made him very happy, something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Suddenly, he found himself looking forward to Kayla’s party. Maybe he’d get to see a lot more of Madison there, and perhaps they would even get back together. As much of a long shot as this was, just the chance of it brought a smile to his face as he snuffed out the last of his cigarette on the concrete steps.

He figured he’d go take a quick shower, then hit up Eddie and Tim and head on over to the party. It was time to get shit started, and tonight would be the night he got his life back in order. Tonight would be a night he would never forget.

Tonight was the night.

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