Dr. John Loomis walked down the empty streets of Haddonfield in deep thought. This was really starting to feel like the slow beginning of a classic chess match between two professionals, he pondered as he checked his watch. Midnight. He’d already been in this town for nearly a day, and there was absolutely no sign of the evil known as Michael Myers. If this was in fact, some sort of twisted chess match, then the pawns were definitely moving, but the question is, who would strike first?

There were no reports of a single break in, no missing persons reports filed, nothing whatsoever. Loomis was beginning to question himself and doubt that Michael even came back to his hometown. Why should he return anyway? All of his family members were dead, so there was nobody left for him to hunt. Yet, something deep inside told him to be patient and wait. All he had to do now was figure out how to put himself in the right position to strike first.

Thoughts raced through his mind as he walked with his head down on the cold Haddonfield night. The air swirled around him, blowing leaves around his feet and causing the tail of his black trench coat to fly wildly behind him. Undeterred, he kept on walking toward no particular destination with his boots echoing off of the sidewalk below him.

His mind conjured up many ideas of what to do next, but every time, he found himself diverting back to the works of his uncle. In particular, the files he had saved from that Halloween night some twenty odd years ago. Recalling them from memory, John tried to replay the events as they transpired in chronological order. He had already gone to the police and made them well aware of his presence in town, and there was nothing left to investigate in the old Myers place after it burned to the ground a few years back. He was pretty sure he had all his bases covered, which made his current situation all the more frustrating.

“Damnit to hell, no remaining family members and no house, I was a fool to even think Michael would return here,” Loomis thought to himself as the wind continued to pick up almost to a howl. He sensed a late autumn thunderstorm brewing, and would be forced to find shelter and call it a night if he didn’t come up with something soon.

“There has to be something I’m missing, but what?” Loomis still continued to ponder, when suddenly it hit him like a ton of bricks.

One of the first things he remembered reading was his uncle visiting the local cemetery and found the tombstone of Judith Myers was missing.

“Yes, of course!” Loomis exclaimed out loud to himself. “Laurie Strode is buried in that cemetery, too. Michael wouldn’t have any reason to believe she wouldn’t be. Maybe he has unfinished business there. I must hurry.”

Loomis then took off in a near jog toward the Haddonfield cemetery, almost positive he would find his former patient there. All while thinking to himself, this is the perfect set up for our little chess match.

He just prayed he wouldn’t be too late.

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