The following is quoted from 'Halloween: The Mad House', cited from Chapter 17:

"Julie knew that she was running toward a dead end, but her feet kept moving anyway to escape the unimaginable horror that was chasing her, the monster just yards away that was trying to steal her life.

She reached the end of the hallway and pressed her face against the plate glass window. She could see the broken cars and the rental truck parked on the ground below. Her heart thudded rapidly when she glanced backward and saw Michael Myers stumbling toward her with the bloody instrument clasped in his hand. His white plastic mask was spattered with blood and the straitjacket was stained with deep crimson patches.

"My god, my god, my god...," Julie mumbled, pressing her back against the icy cold window.

'Halloween: The Mad House', copyright 1998 Berkley Books. (O'Rourke 131).

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