The following is quoted from 'Halloween: The Scream Factory', cited from Chapter 18:

"This can't be happening!

The dark figure now stood in the doorway. Matt could feel his cold, rancid breath as he growled viciously.

The figure stepped into the flickering light. His entire horrifying body, covered in a muddy black jumpsuit, was visible. Matt let out a deafening scream.

It was Michael Myers!

Matt's arm froze as he tried to raise the knife, horrified by the black, dead eyes watching him from behind the white plastic mask beneath a tangle of matted, wiry hair. The hideous monster raised his arms and lunged forward.

Matt jumped backward toward the bedroom window. Michael Myers lunged again coming closer and closer.

I'm going to die!"

'Halloween: The Scream Factory', copyright 1997 Berkley Books. (O'Rourke 108).

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