"The Return"
Composed and Mixed by Alan Howarth
Performed by Alan Howarth
From the soundtrack album "Halloween 4"
Courtesy of Varese Sarabande Records

Written by Slash And Ian Astbury
Produced by Eric Valentine, Kid Rock
And Chris Flores
Performed by Slash Feat. Ian Astbury
From the album "Slash"
Courtesy of Dik Hayd Records

"I'm Eighteen"
Written by Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway
Neal Smith, Glen Buxton And Michael Bruce
Produced by Jack Richardson, Bob Ezrin
Performed by Alice Cooper
From the album "Love It To Death"
Courtesy of Warner Brothers Records

"Looks That Kill"
Written by Nikki Sixx
Produced by Tom Werman
Performed by Motley Crue
From the album "Shout At The Devil"
Courtesy of Elektra Records

Written by Maria Brink, Christopher Howorth
Kevin Churko And Kane Churko
Produced by Kevin Churko
Performed by In This Moment
From the album "Blood"
Courtesy of Century Media Records

"Trip The Darkness"
Written by Lacuna Coil, Don Gilmore
Produced by Don Gilmore
Performed by Lacuna Coil
From the album "Dark Adrenaline"
Courtesy of Century Media Records

"Never Dead"
Written by Dave Mustaine, John Karkazis
Produced by Dave Mustaine, John Karkazis
Performed by Megadeth
From the album "Thirteen"
Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

"The Devil In I"
Written by Corey Taylor, Jim Root
Produced by Slipknot, Greg Fidelman
Performed by Slipknot
From the album ".5: The Gray Chapter"
Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

"Smells Like A Freak Show"
Written by Avatar
Produced by Tobias Lindell
Performed by Avatar
From the album "Black Waltz"
Courtesy of Gain Music Entertainment

"Flirtin' With Disaster"
Written by Danny Joe Brown, Dave Hlubek
And Banner Thomas
Produced by Tom Werman
Performed by Molly Hatchet
From the album "Flirtin' With Disaster"
Courtesy of Epic Records

"Burnin' For You"
Written by Donald Roeser, Richard Meltzer
Produced by Martin Birch
Performed by Blue Oyster Cult
From the album "Fire Of Unknown Origin"
Courtesy of Columbia Records

"Bestrafe Mich (Punish Me)"
Written by Rammstein
Produced by Rammstein, Jacob Hellner
Performed by Rammstein
From the album "Sehnsucht"
Courtesy of Slash Records

"Drug Me To Hell"
Written by The Murderdolls
Produced by Chris Harris
Performed by The Murderdolls
From the album "Women And Children Last"
Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

"Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)"
Written by Hellyeah
Produced by Kevin Churko
Performed by Hellyeah
From the album "Blood For Blood"
Courtesy of Eleven Seven Music

"Chalk Outline"
Written by Three Days Grace, Craig Wiseman
Produced by Don Gilmore
Performed by Three Days Grace
From the album "Transit Of Venus"
Courtesy of RCA Records

"Hell Night"
Written by The Misfits, Daniel Rey
Produced by The Misfits, Daniel Rey
Performed by The Misfits
From the album "American Psycho"
Courtesy of Geffen Records

"Evil Ways (Justice Mix)"
Written by Blues Saraceno
Produced by Extreme Music
Performed by Blues Saraceno
From the album "Dark Country"
Courtesy of Extreme Music

"Darkness Within"
Written by Robert Flynn, Phil Demmel
And Dave McClain
Produced by Robert Flynn
Performed by Machine Head
From the album "Unto The Locust"
Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

"All Hallows Eve"
Written by Peter Steele
Produced by Peter Steele, Josh Silver
Performed by Type O Negative
From the album "World Coming Down"
Courtesy of Roadrunner Records

"Halloween Theme"
Written by John Carpenter
Produced by Harley Poe
Performed by Harley Poe
From the album "Pagan Holiday"
Courtesy of Horrorhound Records

"Monster Mash"
Written by Boris Pickett And Leonard Caprizzi
Produced by Gary S. Paxton
Performed by Boris Pickett
From the album "The Original Monster Mash"
Courtesy of Garpax Records

Written by Rod Temperton
Produced by Quincy Jones
Performed by Michael Jackson
From the album "Thriller"
Courtesy of Epic Records

Written And Produced by Ray Parker Jr.
Performed by Ray Parker Jr.
From the soundtrack album "Ghostbusters"
Courtesy of Arista Records

"Werewolves Of London"
Written by LeRoy Marinell, Waddy Wachtel
And Warren Zevon
Produced by Jackson Browne, Waddy Wachtel
Performed by Warren Zevon
From the album "Excitable Boy"
Courtesy of Asylum Records

"This Is Halloween"
Written And Produced by Danny Elfman
Performed by Marilyn Manson
From the album "Nightmare Revisited"
Courtesy of Walt Disney Records

"This Is Halloween"
Written And Produced by Danny Elfman
Performed by Danny Elfman
From the soundtrack album "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
Courtesy of Walt Disney Records

"Dead Man's Party"
Written by Danny Elfman
Produced by Danny Elfman, Steve Bartek
Performed by Oingo Boingo
From the album "Dead Man's Party"
Courtesy of MCA Records

Written by Steven Severin
Produced by Nigel Gray
Performed by Siouxsie And The Banshees
From the album "Juju"
Courtesy of Polydor Records

"That's Amore"
Written by Jack Brooks, Harry Warren
Produced by Lee Gillette
Performed by Dean Martin
From the album "Dean Martin Sings"
Courtesy of Capitol Records

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