1. In the trailer for the 1986 film 'Maximum Overdrive', a lot of the original score from 'Halloween III' is used, for whatever reason. I am guessing because like H3, Maximum Overdrive, directed by Stephen King, was produced by the DeLaurentiis Group.

2. Some of the same locations used in filming 'Halloween' & 'Halloween II' were also used in 'Halloween III'. (If you don't believe me, check the scene where Challis hangs up the pay phone. If you look to the left at the sidewalk, you will notice a familiar street corner, the same one Michael walked on his way to Haddonfield Memorial in 'Halloween II'. That is just one of the locations they used, there were more, but you get the idea).

3. They showed the original 'Halloween' on TV on several occasions during the movie. Is it just me, or is that really odd?

4. Both Nancy Kyes (Annie from the original) and Dick Warlock (Michael in 'Halloween II') return for cameos in 'Halloween III'. Nancy played Challis' wife and Warlock played an assassin.

5. The original writer of the story was Nigel Kneale but he sued the producers to take his name off the movie after seeing how violent it was.

6. The voice of the telephone operator and curfew announcer is of Jamie Lee Curtis, who was brought in for that small cameo, although she never appears on-screen.

7. The music playing on the radio when Marge Guttman notices the tag on the floor was also played in John Carpenter's 'The Fog' (1980).

8. A milk factory was used for the setting of the Silver Shamrock factory.

9. After Michael Myers died in Halloween II, the plan by John Carpenter was to make a new 'Halloween' movie each year, each telling a different Halloween-related story. After this movie failed at the box office, the film-makers decided to bring Michael back to life for future sequels.

10. The tagline 'The Night No One Comes Home' is a play on the original film's tagline, 'The Night HE Came Home'.

11. When Challis fills in the register at the motel office, he scans the list of names for evidence of Ellie's father's stay. All of the other names on the list are the names of the crew.

12. Supposedly, part of the genesis of this film came from a comment made by film critic Rex Reed. Reed panned 'Halloween II', saying it was so bad that, "if they make a 'Halloween III', I'll turn in my press card." I wonder what he thinks now?

13. The small town of Santa Mira was also the setting for 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' (1956).

14. Stacey Nelkin, who played Ellie in the film, had a romantic relationship with Woody Allen when she was still a teenager.

15. The book that Marge Guttman is reading before her death in the motel room is 'The Eagle's Gift' by Carlos Castaneda.

16. The voice of the announcer in the Silver Shamrock commercials and radio spots is that of the film's writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace.

17. 'Season Of The Witch' was the original working title of Martin Scorsese's 'Mean Streets' (1973). It is also the name of a song by Donovan and an alternative name for the George A. Romero film 'Hungry Wives' (1972). That film was also remade into a 2011 version starring Nicolas Cage.

18. A novelization of the film was published in 1982 by science-fiction writer Dennis Etchison under the pseudonym Jack Martin. Despite the film's commercial failure, the book became a best-seller and was even reissued two years after the film's release, in 1984.

19. The film's original director, Joe Dante, approached Nigel Kneale to write the film while Kneale was temporarily living in Hollywood writing the remake of 'Creature From The Black Lagoon' (1954) for director John Landis that was never made due to budget cost. Dante wanted a new and different story than the two previous films in the series, so he suggested Kneale write a treatment around the word 'Halloween'. The producers liked the idea, and after Joe Dante moved on to another project, producer John Carpenter's regular collaborator, Tommy Lee Wallace, came in as the new director. Kneale initially blamed the drastic changes to his script on executive producer Dino De Laurentiis not understanding his dialogue when it was translated to Italian. Kneale requested his writing screen credit be removed once his comical mystery screenplay was rewritten by an uncredited Carpenter, and then later Wallace (who received sole screen credit as writer), to include more gore and simplify the story.

20. Garn Stephens refused to wear the prosthetic mask during the misfire scene, so a body double was used to complete the scene.

21. When the Kupfer's RV pulls into the motel, the song playing on the radio is 'Do The Boogaloo' performed by Quango and Sparky.

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