1. Dick Warlock's son Billy went on to play Eddie on the original 'Baywatch'.

2. In 'Halloween II', a kid with a boom box on his shoulder bumps into Michael Myers on his way to the hospital. That kid is Dick Warlock's other son.

3. Bennett Tramer's character is named after a USC college friend of Debra Hill and John Carpenter, who went on to write for the TV show 'Saved By The Bell'.

4. When Loomis and the Deputy are back at the Myers house, there is a scene where two teenagers run up to tell them that Ben Tramer is missing. One of the boys is Dick Warlock's son Billy.

5. They had to shoot the ending twice, because the first take of Michael on fire didn't "look right."

6. Jamie Lee Curtis wore a wig in 'Halloween II' so her hair would look exactly the same as it did in the original.

7. Dana Carvey made his movie debut in 'Halloween II' playing an assistant. He can be seen receiving instructions from a blond reporter in front of the Doyle house.

8. 'Halloween II' was originally written to take place in a high rise apartment building. Later, in script meetings, however, the setting was changed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

9. This is the only 'Halloween' film to show the morning after the 31st. Every other movie ends on Halloween night.

10. This is the only 'Halloween' film, aside from 'Halloween H20', in which Michael Myers is not referred to as the Boogeyman.

11. Pamela Susan Shoop (Karen) got an ear infection during the filming of her death scene as the water in the hot tub was apparently "none too clean".

12. John Carpenter believed Rick Rosenthal's version of the movie was too tame, so he shot a few gory scenes that were added into the film despite Rosenthal's objections.

13. The voice of Alice's friend (heard over the telephone) is the voice of Nancy Loomis, who played Annie in the original, and appears as a corpse in 'Halloween II'.

14. Dick Warlock wore lifts on his feet in order to look taller and more imposing as Michael.

15. The film that the security guard and the Elrods are watching is 'Night Of The Living Dead' (1968).

16. In the scene where Michael tries to attack Laurie as she's climbing through the window the scalpel that he's holding was actually just an eraser on a stick.

17. As revealed by the Sheriff's Deputie's patch, Haddonfield supposedly exists in Warren County, Illinois. Warren County is actually in Nothwest Illinois. Warren County more likely refers to the county in Kentucky which contains the city of Bowling Green where John Carpenter grew up.

18. John Carpenter spent time growing up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and there are several references to Bowling Green and the surrounding area. Smith's Grove and Russellville are towns nearby. Bowling Green is in Warren County, where Haddonfield is set. And Elrod, Chestnut, (31W) Bypass, and Scottsville are all names of local streets in Bowling Green. Additionally, there is a reference to the Lost River Drive-In, which was a real drive-in theater in Bowling Green.

19. This movie was filmed at Morningside Hospital, 8711 South Harvard in Los Angeles. The hospital has recently closed down and was since torn down.

20. Anne-Marie Martin came into production as a favor when additional footage was being shot. John Carpenter shot the scene that involved Martin and supporting cast member Pamela Susan Shoop.

21. This was the only 'Halloween' film featuring Michael Myers to be produced by Universal Studios. After the massive success of the first film, Universal picked up the sequel, as well as 'Season Of The Witch'. When those two films didn't fare so well, Universal gave the rights back to Trancas International, an affiliate of Universal's, who produced the films until 1989. In 1995, the rights were sold to Dimension Films.

22. The mask Michael wears is the exact same mask (a repainted and modified Captain Kirk mask) worn in the original film. It looks different in the sequel because the latex had decayed in the years between films, and Dick Warlock is shorter and stockier than Nick Castle, so the mask fit his head differently. All the subsequent sequels used different masks that looked rather different.

23. To get the role of Michael Myers, Dick Warlock revealed that as he passed by a room, the Michael Myers mask was on a table. He put the mask on and walked into Rick Rosenthal's office and stood there. After Rosenthal continuously asked him who he was and he didn't reply, he took off the mask and asked if he could play Michael Myers.

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